Friday, 30 August 2013


In 2006 when in opposition David Cameron said : “Bombs and missiles are bad ambassadors. They can build no democracies.” So why was he so desperate to attack Syria? You would think that David Cameron would be against British involvement in Syria, as he spends so much time talking about Britain's deficit. The answer to why David Cameron wants involvement for British troops is simple, that is what the puppet masters wish to do, the lobbyists, the bankers and the oil companies. David Cameron has the job of trying to sell the war to the British public unfortunately for him the British public is waking up! After the wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya ALL proved to be morally wrong and more like imperialist wars than a war on terror, the British people have finally spoke out and won, leaving David Cameron looking like a desperate weak man.

David Cameron did not take the defeat well as Labour sources say David Cameron accused Ed Miliband of 'letting down America' and 'siding with Lavrov' in an angry row before the Syria intervention vote in the House of Commons. In all fairness to David Cameron there are only so many shit products a salesman can sell before the people buying the shit wake up and realize its shit and so far David Cameron has sold the British people a war in Libya, benefit cuts for the sick, disabled and poor, cuts to public services, a rise in VAT, tax cuts for the rich, Workfare and many other stupid ideas and schemes, no wonder the British people are not buying this shit. David Cameron is a good salesman but he sells nothing but shit.

Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown described the result as "bad for Britain" and claims "Putin and Assad will be celebrating" he also said he is depressed and ashamed that he will now have to wake up and watch children burning on his television, Paddy Ashdown and  the government are as usual completely missing the point on this, people are getting sick of wars for profit, lies and hypocrisy, some reports claim that over 1000 people could be dead due to chemical attacks by the Syrian government, although there is uncertainty on who carried out the attacks and even if it was the government that are responsible for the attacks missiles, bombs and guns are only going to kill more people and make things worse. Our government are telling us we can not afford to pay benefits to the sick and disabled and the NHS is to expensive to run, good news for David Cameron, Britain not getting involved in this war will save us millions/billions that can now be spent on looking after the sick and disabled who are suffering as a result of David Cameron's so called war on benefit scroungers. 

Looks like David Cameron, George Osborne and the rest of the Tory party will have to make do with murdering Badgers for now.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013


We in Great Britain often boast about our country being tolerant and free, a country with equality and freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equal rights for all, I disagree with this hypothesis.

When I look at Britain I fail to see what the masses see, instead I see a nation of conformists, I see a nation of sad drunks and drug addicts sitting in front of the TV drinking and working and drinking their lives away. I see a nation obsessed with over priced gadgets, football and reality TV, unfortunately reality TV is the only reality they are interested in. I see a nation that our masses stand by and watch as our sick government cut benefits for the sick, disabled and the poor, a nation that believes that people that do not take part in the system should not even to be allowed to eat. I see a nation that watches as our government destroy Iraq, Libya and next Syria, and we then have the nerve to call Muslims terrorists. A nation where the PRIME MINISTER is a known arms dealer and our monarchy have a history of oppression, slavery and war, yet we still worship them. I see a nation that claims to care for children, yet we stand by and watch as corporations like Tesco and Next exploit some of the poorest children in the world, with child labour and slavery, facts like this will not stop the masses from shopping at these sickening companies. I see corruption in the banks, the government, police and the media, I see a nation that is governed by money our politicians are puppets to the banks and corporations.

Poor people are punished and sometimes locked up for minor offences like possession of Cannabis, shop lifting, and not paying taxes when MPs over claim millions and bankers receive huge bonuses despite the banks being bailed out, MPs and bankers are obviously above the law in fact they are the law. The lifestyles of the western world has a negative impact on the lifestyles of many people around the world, but we don't care, we are to busy watching X factor.



Are you having trouble with your banks? Have your bank unfairly charged you for unauthorized overdrafts or missed direct debit payments, leaving you with no money for electric, gas or even food for your kids? or have your bank gone into your account and illegally taken a large sum of money from your bank account? Lloyds TSB have taken over £80000 from one account, after a retiring (from business) couple sold 1 of their 2 houses!  Never fear we are protected, by the Financial Ombudsman, the banks must be shitting their selves!

Back in about 2009,  after my girlfriends bank illegally taken money from her bank account (over £3500 in a 5 year span, sometimes taking as much as £140 per day and other occasions £200 per week) I contacted the Financial Ombudsman, and explained the situation, i was confident that I was going to get the money back after all the charges were undeniably ridiculous especially when you think she was a single mother with 2 children at the time and on benefits, they had left her with no money for gas and electric at times so when I speaking to the Financial Ombudsman service they agreed the charges were ridiculous and illegal and they were also confident that she would have it back.

The Financial Ombudsman told us to get a copy of all our bank statements over the last 5 years and highlight all the charges and post the statements with the overdraft and missed direct debit charges on them, they added up to £3500, we waited over a month to receive the bank statements from Nationwide Building Society, I posted the statements to the Financial Ombudsman,  i waited over a month for a reply, i than get a letter telling me they have warned Nationwide Building Society about these charges and I should hear something from them soon.

Three weeks later we get a letter from the Nationwide Building Society offering us £400, we rejected the offer and called the Financial Ombudsman again, “take it” they said “we can get the rest later” so we take the £400, mean while the corrupt blatantly paid off supreme court over turned earlier court rulings that would have allowed the Office of fair trading to investigate bank charges, effectively legalizing bank charges of up to £300 per week, the Office of fair trading said they will fight on but there as been no sign of any change yet.

After the ruling, the Financial Ombudsman still insisted on we could still get it back, I had just lost my job, we were falling behind on rent and the Ombudsman said we could claim financial hardship, a few weeks later we get a letter back from the bank refusing to pay out, I inform the Ombudsman and he informs me there is nothing else they can do because of the change in law! So after months of long phone calls, massive phone bills, waiting on hold to speak to both the Financial Ombudsman service and Nationwide Building Society, posting letters, waiting for replies  I got back £400 from the £3500 they had illegally taken over the years and I should not be surprised, after all who funds the Financial Ombudsman service? the answer is of coarse the banks! the Financial Ombudsman service WORK FOR THE BANKS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE, they make everything as slow possible and in my experience the Financial Ombudsman service seem to be completely powerless and absolutely useless at doing there jobs, that is unless their job is to waste your time in that case 5 stars for the Financial Ombudsman service, well done lads.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Bromsford living RIP OFF.

In December last year me and my family moved in to a Bromford living house, after private renting for 10 years, we moved because our old house was damp and on a busy road, and with the building trade nearly dead we could no longer afford the rent the landlord wanted. They handed us the keys in November but we were already contracted to our old place until December, "not a problem" a Bromford living adviser told us, "back date the housing benefit and they will cover you on two houses for the month you move", this turned out to be bad advice as back dating the housing benefit was not allowed, meaning we are in £450 debt before we even move in.

We was happy with the new house and we had no complaints about Bromford living at all, we agreed to pay back the £450 that the benefits would not cover, there were no problems at all, other than dodgy plumbing left before we moved in caused a leak, ruining a new carpet that we had just paid £200 for.

We kept up payments for a few months until the week my girlfriend was in hospital having a baby, that week we did not pay, we had not even got home when the phone rang, it someone from Bromford living chasing a £30 payment, they can hear the baby screaming in the back of the car, my girlfriend is to polite but they insist on talking right there and then, I snatch the phone from my girlfriend and say "Stop harassing us" and hang up.

Two days later we get a letter threatening extra charges of £150 or eviction if they do not receive the payment, and all this over £30! they still received their rent. They come around our house every 3 months ticking boxes and looking around, they give us a red warning if we residents are very naughty and they want us out, amber if we residents are sometimes naughty but sometimes good and a green if we are really good, what next? Well done stickers and naughty corners? For the record we are on amber due to the £450 arrears that was added before we moved in.

Since moving in to our Bromford living house we have had nothing but problems with them so many problems I made a list.

1. Poor plumbing done before we moved in caused a huge leak ruining a brand new floor.

2. Bromford living advisers do not want to talk about replacing the floor or paying us damages, instead they would rather talk about useless work programs.

3. Bad advice from a Bromford living representative lead to us being in debt before we even moved in.

4. They threaten court action and eviction because we owed the £30

5. They tell us to contact them but their 0330 costs ridiculous amounts to ring on my mobile phone, in fact one call to a "free" number (not Bromford) cost me £15 pound!

So I give Bromford a red warning, threatening to make families homeless over £30 shows the greed of Bromford living and other housing associations around the UK.

St. Judes school in WOLVERHAMPTON is a JOKE.

St Judes primary school in Wolverhampton is rated by Ofsted as among the worst schools in Wolverhampton, and Wolverhampton is rated as one of the worst areas for education in the whole of Britain, meaning St Judes is obviously a bad school, I think I know what the problem is with St Judes and many other schools in Britain.

My children attended this school for years and in the time they spent there I  heard MANY shocking complaints and stories from parents of the children that attended the school. My own children were checked over by teachers for cuts and bruises, after they discovered a rash on her arm, buts that's nothing, after discovering bruises on my child's friend, the delusional mental head mistress immediately contacted social services because kids never fall over, do they? you stupid lunatic, the head mistress of St Judes should concentrate on the schools poor performance in the national league tables before telling tales on parents.

Another parent I know of had her children taken off her for three months after bruises were discovered on his hip by the demon head mistress who again contacted social services, I hear the children are now back home after three months away from their family.

To be fair to the head mistress the school was in a state before she got there, they once sent me a letter out threatening to throw my children out the school because I told them we had booked a holiday that would mean the kids would have to have TWO days off school, what a terrible parent I must be.

At the end of this term the school arranged a trip for school leavers to the safari park, how kind of them, however the teachers use this trip as an excuse to blackmail children in to attending a fund raising carnival, the children were told if they do not attend the carnival they may not be allowed to go to the safari park or the prom! WHY ARE St JUDES SCHOOL HAVING PROMS FOR 11 YEAR OLDS ANYWAY? My other child was told that a school trip to Wales was compulsory! but they still wanted money for it, unfortunately for them they did not get it.

The dinners at the school are expensive, unhealthy,disgusting and according to my children and my children's friends "sometimes full of hair"

At home time the school have police and traffic wardens all over the place, cashing in on the terrible parking arrangements at the school.


Monday, 26 August 2013

I make money for billionaire CORPORATIONS and not for my family!

Did you know that every time someone watches my youtube videos huge multinational corporations get paid, and I do not, why? because huge billionaire, multinational and greedy corporations like Sony, use false copyright claims on public domain material, like classical music that is hundreds of years old, after making the copyright claim Sony and Google are then allowed to advertise on the video and cash in from videos they have not legal right to! Youtube advertise on nearly all of my feature length videos despite the fact they have no permission from me, if I use modern day copyright protected music that they own the rights to they have every legal right to do this, but Sony are not happy with having nearly complete control of modern day music, Sony are so greedy they want money from songs written in the 18th and 19th centuries.

My answer to this was try uploading on different websites videoweed, videobb and blip TV all owed me royalties Blip TV (owned by huge multinational corporations  Canaan Partners and Bain Capital Ventures) owe me over £500 but they all removed my videos, closed my accounts and refused to pay! Youtube refuse to let me upload videos over 15 minutes for 2 years, then a few weeks ago they suddenly change their minds and enable my account to upload long videos, only to change their minds again a couple of months later.


Not with standing the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:
  1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
  3. the amount and substantial of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors. 

Fair use is another law these greedy corporations completely ignore, e.g if I use a clip from CNN, Walt Disney or BBC to explain my criticism of them, that does NOT allow them to claim ownership or even part ownership of my video, but these corporations are thirsty for money like a crack head is thirsty for crack and the corporations simply put in false copyright claims and because of these false copyright claims they cash in from videos that are in some cases criticizing them!

There █████ █ ████ is ███ █ no █████ █ ████ conspiracy █ █████████ █ ████ everything ███ █████ is█████ ████ ████ fine ████ ███ ██████ trust ███ ██████ ███ your █████ ████ government.

Youtube █████ ███ █ is █████████ █ ██████ ███ a brilliant ████ ███ ██████ ███ website █████ ████ and  ████ ███ ██████ Youtube █████ ████ believes in █████ █ ████ ███ freedom of speech. ███ Youtube!

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Britain is to challenge an EU agreement to slash bankers’ bonuses at a meeting of European finance ministers next week after Boris Johnson condemned the proposal as a “deluded measure”. George Osborne or the Treasury minister Greg Clark will represent Britain at the meeting next week to relay what No 10 described as real concerns about the proposal. David Cameron and the British government have cut incapacity benefit, the NHS, housing benefits and child benefits but they stand against a cap on banker bonuses, do they think the bankers deserve to get these ridiculous bonuses when they are cutting sickness benefits? Britain’s Deficit is not so important now the bankers (David Cameron’s puppet masters) might lose out as well.

David Cameron  is so full of hypocrisy its shocking here are just a few examples;

“Things got out of hand & we’d had a few drinks. We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets.”
- David Cameron, 1986.

“The looting and arson last night were criminality, pure and simple. Justice will be done and the people will see the consequences for their crimes”
- David Cameron, August 2011

“History is sweeping through your neighbourhood” -David Cameron on the Egyptian riots, February 2011

DAVID Cameron was later accused of cynically using the Egyptian revolution as cover for an arms dealing tour of the Middle East.

He has a business delegation that includes eight firms involved in the arms trade.

BAE Systems, Thales UK, Atkins, Rolls-Royce, Cobham Group, Qinetiq, Babcock ­International Group and Ultra Electronics are all looking to make lucrative deals.

But Sarah Waldron, of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, said that it “beggared belief” that Mr Cameron was helping sell arms to the region despite bloodshed in Libya.

David Cameron goes on T.V and condemn’s Jimmy Carr for tax avoidance, he did not mention the massive tax avoidance of his friends at News corporation, Tesco, Vodafone.

David Cameron cuts housing benefits, sickness benefits and forces people on benefits to work for billionaire corporations  just to receive benefits, at the same time he claims £21000 per year for his second home! These greedy politicians always claim they must have a second home for work reasons but can’t they just move closer to where they are working? like the rest of us would have to, thanks to the new bedroom tax MPs are allowed spare houses, but we are not allowed spare bedrooms!

When the British government cut benefits from parents of the poorest families and force them from there homes, stop there benefits and even lock them up for not paying council tax, its the children of the affected families that suffer the most. Should children of the poorest families in Britain suffer to fund corporate tax avoidance and oil wars?

David Cameron praised the courts and encouraged tough sentences for the people involved in the rioting and looting but claims thousands on his expenses “which are paid for by the taxpayer” illegally he did not receive a tough punishment he simply paid it back!

David Cameron declares a ”all-out war” on gangs, despite being a member of Bullingdon club (a gang known for heavy drinking and causing criminal damage) as was Boris Johnson and George Osborne.

David Cameron cuts the NHS but does not want to cut banker bonuses! He wants a £26000 per year cap on benefits but refuses to put a cap on MPs expenses and tries to stop the EU fro enforcing a cap on banker bonuses! He uses the British media as a propaganda tool but still can not win an election without Nick “the traitor” Clegg.


Recently people have been locked up for posting comments and videos on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter! Craig Slee, aged 42 of Trawden Crescent, Preston, pleaded guilty to four offences under the 2006 Terrorism Act – encouraging terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications – and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon. He was sentenced to 5 years at Preston Crown Court.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole, head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said: “It is clear that Slee was a total fantasist. He had no links whatsoever to any terrorist organisations, was not a radical convert and there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest he engaged in any attack planning.

“However, what this case illustrates is the very real dangers of misusing the material that is ready available on the Internet. The power of the Internet and social networking sites is vast and extends worldwide, so while Slee may not have been planning any sort of attack, he could easily have influenced someone else with the propaganda he was uploading.

“He may have used a false identity, which in itself is an offence that can result in a criminal prosecution, but this is absolutely not a game and the consequences of his actions could have been very real.”

“I hope therefore that this welcome result acts as a stark warning to others who are misusing the Internet and social networking sites for criminal activity.”


What about the propaganda used by the British and American media in the build up to the war with Iraq, talking about weapon of mass destruction and claiming Britain was 45 minute away from a possible attack, was that not terrorist propaganda? it was propaganda and lies that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands Iraqi civilians, the propaganda and lies used by the British media is more dangerous than one person posting videos on Facebook that hardly anyone will see. If Craig Slee got 5 years for terrorist propaganda Rupert Murdoch and other sections of the British media should get life!

Locked up for Facebook Joke!

A teenager from Chorley was sentenced to 3 months in prison for causing ‘gross offence’ by cracking tasteless jokes on Facebook about April Jones and Madeleine McCann. What next they going to lock Jimmy Carr up? or the makers of South Park for there sometimes sick jokes?  The British people are losing freedom of speech but the British media continue to print absolute lies, they push for wars and fill the news with useless not important stories and gossip like Oscar fucking Pistorius.


As most people already know Amazon is a huge multinational corporation with warehouses all over the world. They are also the owners of many other websites and companies, websites like Lovefilm, IMBD and Alexa internet, they sell tablets, ebooks, and movie downloads. They have a self publishing company called Create space, Create space allows writers and movie makers a chance to sell their books or movies online, so after visiting the website I decided to release four of my documentaries on DVD. At first I was surprised by how easy they had made the process of releasing DVDs and I had had no complaints at all, I was a satisfied customer.

After a month my DVDs were sold on and create space, sales were not as good as I thought they could be, I put it down to a lack of advertising and promoting of my product, I sell a few a month. First problem was Amazon take a big percentage of your sale, if I sell a product on create space e-store for $12.99+ post and package I get $6.09 Amazon take the rest, if I sell a product on for $12.99 plus post and package I receive a measly $2.09, Amazon take the rest! I shop around and try to find a better way of self publishing, but after days wasted trying I give up and decide to release another 3 DVDs  using Create space, BIG MISTAKE! Two of these were political DVDs with two movies on each disk and the other was my latest work, a documentary called, there were giants on the earth in those days, this disk contained just one 99 minute movie.

One of my videos criticized Amazon for not paying any tax in the UK, Amazon evidently did not like it! They send me a message alerting me to the fact that they can not release a DVD that contains more than one movie, this annoyed me but I accepted their decision, and concentrated on releasing "there were giants on the earth in those days" after a few weeks it was out on DVD! sales again were slow, after a few days I check to see how my DVD is doing and to check reviews, to my shock my DVD had 1 star, I read the review, the reviewer writes how he received a DVD on politics that contains multiple movies! I have to cancel and un-release my DVD and start the whole process again. Contact my on Facebook if you purchased one of these DVDs.

Create space (an Amazon company) insist this was not a personal attack and criticism of Amazon on my DVD was not the reason for this but they offer no explanation to how this happened, after doing a bit of research on Amazon I discover that many people are accusing create space of not counting sales correctly, they have many complaints. Amazon are also known lobbyists, tax evaders and users of workfare (a disgusting scheme that forces young people to work for benefits costing corporations like Amazon as little as £50 per week) and they pay minimum wage, my advice is DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON, strange advice from someone that sells on Amazon but I am looking for alternative ways to sell my DVDs and downloads. BOYCOTT AMAZON AND LOVEFILM (Netflix is better anyway).

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Firstly, what is racism? an online dictionary describe it like this,

1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

I believe that sounds about right and if you take racism in it literal form we are all racists! Why? We in the UK, USA and other developed countries do believe that we are superior to others, "no we do not" most white people would say, but unfortunately we do, this is why most British and American people choose to ignore scandals like corporate child labor that boarder lines slavery. Imagine if the newspapers were to expose child labor in British or American factories, English and American children being forced to work 12 hours a day in disgusting conditions, just so they can eat and be sheltered. Would the masses allow it? of coarse not, parents in Britain complain about our children having to do P.E lessons in the cold! And the only thing most children in Britain spend 12 hours a day doing is sitting on their fat asses watching there child made T.Vs or playing there child labor made Xbox. 

The masses in UK and USA completely ignore corporate slavery despite the fact that huge billionaire multinational corporations such as Tesco, Walmart, Nike and many others force children as young as eight years old to work for as little as seven pence per hour, if after reading this you choose to shop from Tesco or Walmart on a regular basis again or spend $150 on a pair of child labour made Nike trainers, you are racist, or you could just be OK with child labour and slavery with children and people of any race, but I doubt that!

Most people, black, white or brown would insist, they are not racist, and most people claim to be outraged by racist jokes or stereotypes. I am not, to me that is just name calling, eg, if I call someone a four eyed prick, it does not mean I hate all people that wear glasses, It probably means I do not like the individual that I am aiming the insult at so I find a way to insult him, that is not racism, it's still not nice but it is not racism.

Real racism is a lack of respect for another human beings human rights just because they are not the same race as you, real racism is the fact that prisons in USA have more young black people in them then their colleges, real racism is the oppression of Africa being ignored and wars fought in countries in with high amounts of oil or other natural resources being ignored, in fact racism is what allows these things to go on unnoticed by the ignorant, racist masses reading the biased and racist media. 


The government in Great Britain is a absolute mess at the moment, Labour blame the Conservatives, the Conservatives blame labour and the Lib Dems just hang their heads in shame for Nick Clegg’s disgraceful lies and his ridiculous decision to form a government with the corrupt and sleazy Conservative party, meaning that despite the fact David Cameron got only just over 10 million votes in a country with about 45 million  people are eligible to vote, the 35 million people eligible to vote that did not vote Conservative are stuck with him (due to the actions of Nick Clegg),  the nearly 8 million Lib Dem voters have unintentionally voted for NHS, benefit and public sector cuts!

David Cameron and the Conservative party are funded for therefore work for massive corporations and billionaires, they rely on donations and lobbying just to exist as a political party, they pay the media and even arrange secret deals like the secret deal that nearly allowed News Corporation to take over BskyB in exchange for support and propaganda favoring the Conservative party in the build up to the 2010 general election, and despite all this corruption and propaganda they STILL ONLY MANAGED to get only 10 million votes! at least that shows most people already see through the pathetic and desperate lies and propaganda used by the British media. The only problem is voting for nobody helps the Conservative party and allows David Cameron to be prime minister probably until 2015!

Daily newspapers

Newspaper            Party endorsed

Daily Express Conservative Party
Daily Mail Conservative Party
Daily Mirror Labour Party
Daily Star Conservative Party
Daily Telegraph           Conservative Party
Financial Times Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005.
Guardian Liberal Democrats Backed Labour and Lib Dems in 2005. Supports anti-Conservative tactical voting with view to pro-electoral reform coalition
Independent None Supports proportional representation. Urged anti-Conservative tactical voting.
Morning Star None Calls for a Labour vote where Communist or similar left-wing candidates are not standing
Sun            Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005.
Times            Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005.

Sunday newspapers

Newspaper                       Party endorsed

Independent on Sunday         None Supports a hung parliament.
Mail on Sunday           Conservative Party
News of the World           Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005.
Observer           Liberal Democrats Backed Labour in 2005.
Sunday Mirror           Labour Party
People None[1] Supports a hung parliament.
Sunday Express Conservative Party
Sunday Telegraph Conservative Party
Sunday Times           Conservative Party Backed Labour in 2005.

Most of the British media publicly backed the Conservative party, the reason for this is because the media is owned and controlled massive corporations who are paid off with tax loop holes allowing companies like News Corporation to pay as little as 1% tax! David Cameron is a puppet of the elite, and the mainstream media is owned by the elite, that’s why most of the mainstream media back and want you to back the Conservative party.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sony and Google are like Vultures.

Recently I have made a new video called There were giants on the Earth in those days, for this video I used the music The Grande Messe des mortsOp. 5 (or Requiem) by Hector Berlioz it was composed in 1837 making it PUBLIC DOMAIN music meaning multinational parasites like Sony DO NOT OWN the music, that will not stop Sony from trying to claim rights to the music forcing my video to be blocked in certain countries. They do this for multiple reasons, reasons like they can claim advertising money made by video views that the video may get, Sony and Youtube make the profit from the adverts that are now taking over youtube and the video maker does not make  SHIT! 

Sony own and control over 80 record labels, they control nearly all modern day music and many different aspects of the entertainment industry but this is not enough for them. Sony insist on making profits on youtube when they have no legal right to do so and from other people work. The greed of these huge multinational corporations is killing the internet, because of this greed people viewing videos on youtube are now being forced to sit through adverts on nearly every video added and usually the video makers are paid nothing as these parasites claim the rights and google do not question them, they simply remove the videos. 

Sony are not the only company to do this, I have also had videos removed due to false copyright claims by the BBC, News Corporation and Hearst Corporation, these companies either do not fully understand copyright laws like fair use and public domain laws or they simply choose not to follow these laws and cash in on videos that they have not legal right to, knowing that most people would not understand the laws and would not question the copyright claims made these by greedy Vultures.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Different newspaper same propaganda!

Dear Mainstream media and when  I say mainstream media I am talking to huge multinational corporations like News Corporation, the BBC, NBC Universal, Viacom, Walt Disney and Time Warner, as these six corporations control nearly everything we watch and read, these companies make billions of dollars and pay tiny amounts of tax on their profit yet they still fail to do their jobs properly. It is the job of the mainstream media to keep the masses informed on politics and current affairs but all these overpaid, tax avoiding, parasites want to do is report pathetic celebrity gossip, sport and fill the rest of their so called news with government propaganda.

They attack people based on religion, nationality and any other excuse they can find to attack people. They accuse the sick of being lazy and "putting it on" and cut their benefits and try to force them to work. The disgusting Sun newspaper spy on the disabled and expose them as benefit fraudsters but along with the rest of Britain's media the Sun were not so quick to expose Jimmy Saville, instead they hyped him up as a legend or greedy bankers with their million pound bonuses plus their already ridiculously high wages, or politicians that claim for everything possible from their children to their second houses, duck sheds, leaking roofs, gardeners, hotels and TV licences to name just a few. Recently the Sun online has gone behind a pay wall, as if the Sun and News Corporation do not already make enough money, I just seriously hope that there are not enough people stupid enough to pay for this mind numbing, racist, propaganda filled lies. I read that they need 300000 members to break even with the costs of running the website lets hope they fail, surely they can not find 300000 people stupid enough to pay for the bullshit and celebrity gossip they write.

Between them these corporations have complete control of our media meaning different TV channel same message, different newspaper same propaganda!

Time Warner
Home Box Office (HBO)
Time Inc.
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
CW Network (partial ownership)
New Line Cinema
Time Warner Cable
Cartoon Network
America Online
Castle Rock
Sports Illustrated
Marie Claire
People Magazine
Walt Disney
ABC Television Network
Disney Publishing
Disney Channel
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Buena Vista Theatrical Productions
Buena Vista Records
Disney Records
Hollywood Records
Miramax Films
Touchstone Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios
Buena Vista Games
Hyperion Books
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Home Entertainment
Black Entertainment Television (BET)
Comedy Central
Country Music Television (CMT)
MTV Canada
Nick Magazine
Nick at Nite
Nick Jr.
Spike TV
The Movie Channel
TV Land
News Corporation
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Fox Television Stations
The New York Post
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Fox Business Network
Fox Kids Europe
Fox News Channel
Fox Sports Net
Fox Television Network
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Its a very hard climate for small businesses at the moment with a triple dip recession most small businesses are struggling to survive in these tough economic times, for big businesses its not so tough, why? because they pay as little as 1% tax on there profit, they use child labor and now with workfare some of their staff are working for their benefits at cost to the taxpayer and no cost to the corporation, is that fair? if normal people like you or me work we pay 10 % on £0-£2,710, 20 % on up to £34,370, 40% on £34,371 to £150,000 and 50 % Over £150,000 which is going down to 45% in April 2013!

Do people earning over £150000 per year need a tax cut? even worse it due to lobbying the government have created massive tax loopholes that allow big businesses to avoid paying most of their tax, companies like Apple, Tesco, Amazon, Walmart and News corporation pay as little as £1% tax on their profits, yet anyone that earns up to £2,710 pays 10% tax, a local business that makes £40000 per year pays £40% tax on their profit, when massive multi-billion pound corporations pay low wages using child labor that boarder lines slavery, get free labor paid for by the taxpayer and pay hardly any tax how are small local businesses going to compete with that? they’re not! and if they do they will get to a certain profit margin and be taken over by a massive corporation like Walkers crisps which is owned by Pepsi, Cadbury’s is owned by Kraft and  recently Coca Cola have taken over Innocent smoothies,  ”its capitalism, get over it” people always say but my point is, if these massive corporation were paying a fair amount of tax, like most small local businesses are and paying for there own staff, instead of exploiting the unemployed in Britain with work for benefits and even children in third world countries with ridiculously low wages, these corporations would not make such massive profits and that would make it harder for massive companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Kraft to take over successful smaller businesses like Walkers, Cadbury’s, and Innocent smoothies, it would be a step to preventing these billion pound corporations from having a massive monopoly and giving small local businesses a chance to compete.

Friday, 16 August 2013


Recently I have noticed that getting views on youtube is not as easy as it once was, my youtube account used to attract 29000 viewers per day and I have nearly 15000 subscribers, but recently I have seen a big decline in video views, a lot of this is due to false copyright claims by the BBC, Fox and others, causing youtube to stop me from uploading long videos on my account. Newly posted videos also do not get the views they used to, eg a video post of mine would easily get two or three thousand views in the first week, a post of mine now struggles to get past five hundred views in the first week despite the fact I have more subscribers now than ever, my videos are harder to find (sometimes nearly impossible) and sometimes do not show on any video sidebars as a suggested video.

This does not surprise me as i have had nothing but trouble with youtube from the start, I get millions of views, youtube advertise on my videos despite the fact I did not give permission, in fact I blocked adverts, they pay me not a penny for these views even though they obviously get paid themselves, they remove videos that they have no right to remove, and make profit from videos they have not legal right to profit from, in fact by removing certain videos youtube are breaking freedom of speech laws, but youtube do not seem to care much for freedom of speech! Youtube have also been accused many times of fabricating view counts and these accusations are true, they count extra views for certain musicians and media outlets and they do not fully count views for videos like mine.

Google are the owners of youtube and since taking over they are step by step destroying youtube, they are destroying it with their greed, Vevo is a FUCKING JOKE and adverts appear all over youtube, 30 second videos now have adverts in front, as does public domain music, in fact when listening to Mozart or Beethoven on Youtube, Google feel the need to advertise irritating, sellout, pricks like Will i am and Jay Z, Fuck off Google as if anyone listening to Mozart, Vivaldi or Beethoven would even consider listening to the mind numbing bullshit that you advertise to us.

Google are paid, they are paid for advertising, they are paid for fixing view counts, they are paid not to count dislikes on certain mainstream media channels and they are paid to slow the spread of information.


Apple are a massive corporation with massive sales figures and massive profits famous for iPhone’s, iPads, iPods, and Macbooks, Apple has also sold 125 million iPhones, 58 million iPads and 13.5 million MacBook laptops around the world, despite these massive massive sales figures and massive profits Apple’s tax bill is not so massive.

Apple paid less than 2 percent tax on its overseas profits in 2012. That’s 1.9 percent tax on foreign earnings that were up 53 percent compared to fiscal 2011.The claims are based on figures revealed in Apple’s Form 10-K, filed with US regulator in November 2012. That filing shows that Apple paid just US$713m in overseas corporation tax on its foreign profits of US$38.87bn in the past 12 months. In 2011 Apple earned US$24 billion outside the US and paid income tax of 2.5 percent on it, according to the Associated Press. Apple has dodged more than £550m tax in the UK in 2011, analysts have estimated.

I get accused of hating capitalism all the time, i do not hate capitalism what i do hate is loopholes in the tax system put there by the government and funded by the rich that allow massive corporations, banks and billion/millionaires to avoid paying hardly any tax, when my family was in business we paid 40 percent tax, when i worked a 9 to 5 job and was earning £400 per week i paid 25 per cent tax, but Apple make billions every years yet they only pay 1.9 per cent tax, that is not capitalism that is just a scam!

According to Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK, the amount Britain has missed due to tax avoidance schemes from all firms now stands at £120bn a year.

That breaks down into £25bn in legal tax avoidance, £70bn in fraudulent tax evasion and £25bn in late payments.

These massive profits and tax avoidance is not enough for Apple they have also been caught using child labor and paying as little 1,550 yuan ($243) per month for a six-day week, 12 hours a day.  Each worker also had to pay “hundreds of yuan for food and accommodation.”

Despite scandals like this people will be queuing for the next Apple product, sleeping in tents and sleeping bags outside electrical shops, rushing to spend there hard earned money on over priced shit gadgets, no disrespect but you need  grow up,  your better of  with a good laptop.

The inconvenient truth is if you buy Apple products you financially endorse child labor and slave labor!

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Zeitgeist is a documentary series that started in 2007 directed and written by Peter Joseph, when i first watched zeitgeist i believed most of it and i enjoyed watching until i started researching some of the so called facts pointed out by zeitgeist on mythology, Zeitgeist is miles off, first of all zeitgeist claims Jesus Christ was born on the 25th December that’s WRONG, most Biblical scholars believe he was born  sometime in September between 6BC and 30AD no date is given in the Bible.

In A.D. 350,  Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25th a ancient pagan holiday the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ.

Zeitgeist Claims Krishna was  a carpenter, WRONG! he was actually a herdsman, According to Hindu texts, Krishna was not born of a virgin mother again WRONG Devaki. Devaki and her husband Vasudeva was kept together in prison to prove the divine prediction wrong by ensuring that their eight children are born and hence killed by Kansa (Devaki’s brother).

Zeitgeist claims Dionysus mother was a virgin WRONG, she was Semele and was seduced by Zeus numerous times. He was not born on 25th of December, he did not perform miracles, he only caused madness. He was not called “King of Kings”. The symbol of Dionysus they present is ORPHEUS VAKHIKOS. This is a small artifact which dates back to 300 A.D. that shows a man tied on an anchor not crucified.

Attis was not born on 25th of December zeitgeist WRONG. Attis’s mother, Nana (daughter of the river Sangarios) got pregnant when she cut a fruit from an almond tree that grown up for the organs of the demon Agdistis. He was not crucified. During a marriage song Agdistis appeared in front of him. Attis went mad, cut of his genitals and died. He was then reborn and not resurrected in an evergreen pine.

Not all of  Zeitgeist is wrong,  Zeitgeist is 50% true and 50% New age lies.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Why does David Cameron hate the Internet?

David Cameron has used every excuse possible to attack the internet, from slowing the spread of information of gangs planning "disorder and crime" to internet porn, he even used the suicide of a 14 year old girl as an excuse to start a attack on free speech online, he calls it a "war on porn" or  "a war on thugs" but anyone that is even slightly capable of critical thinking must consider the chance that these internet attacks are not wars on porn or thugs but in fact they are wars on the internet in general. Why do David Cameron, News Corporation and many others in the so called elite hate the internet? The answer is simple, because the internet show them for the corrupt puppets they really are! The internet embarrasses the mainstream media, the government and the lobbying and tax avoiding corporations, the internet exposes the governments war crimes, the corporations child labor and lack of respect for human rights and the massive levels of propaganda used by our biased media. The internet exposes it all in a way that it has never been exposed before and due to this our governments, monarchies and the world elite are beginning to lose control.

Before the internet it was very hard to spread a message but the internet has changed that, thanks to the internet people like me can have our videos viewed by millions of people all over the world without having to rely on the mainstream media. David Cameron and the mainstream media will make excuses and reasons for why the government should take control of the internet, excuses like but we must protect children or accuse people of spreading hate, but the truth is they do not care about children if they did then why do they not speak against child labor used by Tesco, Next and other British corporations, as for spreading hate, the mainstream media spread more hate then anyone else I can think of, they attack the sick and disabled, the unemployed, immigrants, Muslims even worse the propaganda and lies they print paves the way for oil wars and natural resources wars.David Cameron, Barrack Obama or any government should NOT be allowed to touch the internet.  


The British mainstream media are constantly attacking Great Britain’s “hand out culture”  this time i agree with the British media, there are people in Britain that live a life of luxury from Britain’s shambolic hand outs culture! David Cameron has also attacked these benefits as well as cutting many benefits, There are 3 million unemployed people in Britain, that is a lot to pay in benefits, the Sun newspaper often exposes benefit fraudsters to the British people, with stories like “his playing golf when claiming incapacity” or “he was filmed dancing even though he supposed to have bad legs.”

They use examples like……

EVIL Karen Matthews, 34, raked in £350 a week in benefits which she described as “my wage”. The mum of seven, who hatched a plot to kidnap daughter Shannon in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, is serving a seven-year jail sentence – also at your expense!


DAD-of seven Abdi Nur, 42, got a five-bed house in Kensington, west London, worth £2.1m after complaining his previous address was in a “poor area”. The council pays his £2,000-a- week rent. Nur is four times better off on benefits than working.

The trouble for me is, when the media is attacking Britain’s “shambolic hand out culture” they seem to forget to expose Great Britain’s biggest Benefit scroungers, scroungers that claim more from the British Tax payer than any other family, in fact they claim more than 30 million pound per year and that does not count the cost of their security, which according to the Sun is over 3 billion pound per year! though i am not sure how much of the 3 billion pound per year security cost is paid by the taxpayer as the information seems impossible to find.

I am talking of coarse about the Royal family! How can the British government justify cutting sickness and incapacity benefits for the poor when these inbreed German billionaires scrounge million’s every year?  if the British media are really so outraged by Britain’s handout culture why do they not try to put a stop to this? and the most important question of all, why do the British media present these scroungers as hero’s and never question the royals role in British society? Before moaning about families getting thousands annually surely the media should expose those claiming millions!

Talking of stealing from the taxpayer Rupert Murdoch’s corrupt royal propaganda filled news corporation ( owners of the Sun, the Times, 20th Century Fox and BSKYB) pay 1% tax on their profit, when small local businesses pay up to 40%, another fact the mainstream media in Britain conveniently forget to tell us.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Can Chelsea or Manchester city catch up with Manchester United and win the league?

Who gives a fuck?

Not me! and probably not 3/4 of the Chelsea and Manchester United players as long as they are paid!

Like most young men in Britain i used to love football, i used to watch match of the day religiously and football was the main feature of the weekend, but not anymore, a premier league match nowadays consists of 22 over paid spoilt millionaires, some are paid over £100000 per week, they pay hardly any tax and the English players at least are SHIT. Ticket prices are crazy as is anyone that is willing to pay these prices, and how many Manchester United players are from Manchester or even from Britain? The performances of England in major competitions shows how average they really are, the 2010 world cup performance was embarrassing despite the fact England players are among the highest paid in the world!  England played terrible and were to busy arguing with each other like spoilt children and sulking because the England manager (at the time) Fabio Capello would not allow them to go out partying. Why? because nowadays England players are close to millionaires before they have even played a premier league match, because of this by the time they are in their mid 20s most England players do not care about football. I do not blame the players if someone was willing to pay me millions of pounds for kicking a ball around i would also take it, i blame the idiots that work all week only to pay over £50 per ticket and still get massively over charged for food and drinks at half time! its about local pride they say. How is watching a group of millionaire foreigners about local pride? I also blame the customers of Sky Sports, £21 per month to watch that? Football is now all about the money, in the 70s Derby County and Nottingham Forest were champions, in the 80s Everton and Villa and in the 90s Blackburn were crowned champions,  these teams would not have a chance today, nor would any other teams other than Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester City have a chance anytime soon, in 1967 Celtic won the European cup (the equivalent to the champions league) with a squad of 16 Scottish players and 1 Irish player, unfortunately that could also never happen nowadays.

England to win the World Cup? they will have a pretty good chance if Europe and South America are destroyed by a war or something before 2014!