Monday, 7 October 2013


In July I started a online shop selling my videos as downloads, I started this shop because I am fed up with Youtube removing my videos, advertising on them and not paying me a penny and blocking them in certain countries, even though the public domain and fair use laws mean that Youtube have no legal right to remove the videos, nor any other vulture like corporation like Sony or BBC have right to profit fro them, but the fact they are breaking or at least bending the law does not stop them from claiming rights and therefore profiting from the adverts shown on my Youtube videos.

Upon setting up the download, I have to give the new shop m Paypal details in order to receive payments, so I do and the shop is set up. A few weeks I logged in to the account to see how my sales are doing, to my surprise I have not sold one download, disappointing, my products have thousands of views but NO SALES. I log out and share the shop on Facebook, Youtube and other sources.

The other day I receive an email telling me that they were not allowed to by the downloads, he informs me that the download simply goes on  to a blank screen, I log in to the shop and once again thousands of views NO SALES! I contacted Sellfy, "the company I sell downloads through" and they inform me my Paypal is not working.

I try to log in to my Paypal, I can not get in. I contact Paypal helpline, They inform me that is has been down since 7th July! I ask why and to my amazement it was because my account was 0.01 pence overdrawn! I transfer the money from my bank to Paypal, end of problem you would think not for me, Paypal inform me that my account will be on in four hours, its was 10.00 so I wait until 14.00 still can not log in, I phone them again they then tell me it will definitely be on by 18.00, so again I wait until 19.30 and try to log in and still no good, I try again at 23.00 and still can not get in, I can not phone them as the lines close at 17.30 so I will have to wait.

Despite the fact that Paypal have been losing me sales/money for months, they still have not fixed the problem, I am signing on looking for a job, with just about enough money to feed and house four children when Paypal literally stop me from selling my product and according to them all because I owe them a penny!

Friday, 4 October 2013


The Job centre in Britain is notoriously useless at finding people work or long time employment (unless you want to work for benefits or minimum wage for a billion pound corporation that does not pay tax) in that case the job centre is the place to be, so when I went to the Job centre today I did not except much help, for if they were to help today it would be the first time in living memory that they have been any help.

I walk in the job centre and take a seat they are 9 minutes late calling me out, which I don't mind at all apart from the job centre regularly warn me to be five minutes early for their meetings, which I always are, they can waste our time but we cannot waste their time and if we do "we risk missing appointments and losing our benefits".

I take my seat and the interview begins, I tell the interviewer about the Department of work and pensions taking down my website with illegal cyber attacks, "how is that stopping you getting a job?" the interviewer asks, to which I tell the truth, I sell DVDs and ebooks using my website for advertising, and selling a small but growing amount, until the cyber attack finished my website off, I did get the website running after the attacks using a different server, but the website lost its places on the Google search engine, it lost at least 95% of its traffic making the website financially impossible to maintain. As I excepted he did not want to talk about that.

Later in the interview he tells me to apply for at least 10 jobs per week! I explain that I claim for 4 kids to find jobs that pay enough to support 4 kids is not easy, I also explain that I am pursuing tens of thousands that Lloyds TSB taken from our family business in 2006, plus tens of thousands more that my family were ripped off when they were taken ill and had to finish the business, again not to my surprise he is not interested. I tell him to find me 10 jobs on his computer for me to apply for, he does not want to do that, I tell him to do a BOC or a better of calculation so I have a idea about what jobs are worth applying for, he does not do that, instead he threatens me with community service and benefit sanctions, what are they going to do? make me and my family homeless and starve us death? and then they call people scum when they turn to crime, the government are the real scum here.

I ask him the question, do you work for people are the government? he answers "the government pay my wage" to which I reply "the taxpayer pays the government" the cheeky prick then says "you are not a tax payer" by now I am pretty fuming and I tell him the truth, when my family was in business we had between 30 and 90 skilled workers on our books, my family business that I worked for, for ten years have paid more tax in that ten years then he will pay in his whole life, If I claim benefits for the rest of my life I would not see the money that our business in taxes. Not to mention money that the bank illegally taken from our business accounts, our business and many businesses like us were bailing out banks years before the tax payer bailed them out.

He then announces (and I do not know how true it is as the job centre feel no way in lying and trying to scare people) that Wolverhampton is the first place in Britain to start making the unemployed do community service (with a new name) to receive their benefit.

Much to his anger I tell him that I have recorded the conversation, that's illegal he cries as their are CCTV all over the job centre, I will upload the full conversation to Youtube later and that is my advice, record your conversations with the job centre, they don't like it and it protects you when they lie threaten you with benefit sanctions.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Today David "I am on holiday" Cameron announced plans for benefit payouts to under 25s to be stopped! 

  • 1.09 million people under the age of 25 are not in education, training or employment
  • 410,000 are claming Jobseeker's Allowance, at a cost of about £1.2bn a year
  • 380,000 under-25s receive housing benefit, costing £1.8bn
So David Cameron wants to stop benefits to over one million young people? And also stop housing benefit for 380,000 more? This coming from a man that has £30 million in his bank and still claims for a second home, his children will never have to claim these benefits, this coming from a man that has already cut sickness benefits, child benefit, the NHS, this coming from a man that a few weeks ago was insisting that he wants "help the Syrian people from their oppressive government" considering David Cameron has such a small inbreed looking, shapeshifting mouth he has no problem in spewing heaps and heaps of shit from it.

Why don't Cameron just come out and explain what these cuts are really all about, they are not about cutting Britain's deficit, the cuts he has done and the cuts he plans for the future are about a small group of rich, powerful people want to avoid paying taxes. These people expect our youth to work for minimum wage and pay between 20% and 25% tax, when the upper classes, corporations, banks and monarchies make billions from child labour, slavery, exploitation and profiteering and pay as little as 0% and as much as 5% tax.

On top of this we have Theresa May or as I prefer to call her the wicked witch of Westminster, fights to scrap article 8 of the Human Rights Act, really? lets look at that law.

1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.  

2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. 

Why would axing that law be beneficial to the people that live in this country? and how can the wicked witch of Westminster justify axing that law, one thing is for sure she will have the bulk of the mainstream propaganda filled media behind her and they will use Abu Qatada as an excuse for to axe this law. If we start ignoring one human right law its only a matter of time before we start ignoring all human right laws.

Theresa May should do her country a favour and keep her nasty, hate filled, old hag hands off human right laws and get back to doing what she does best, which is riding broomsticks in the sky and scaring the shit out of children, I mean she makes Margret Thatcher look like Dorothy. No offence. 

I apologize for the rather disgusting images in this blog.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


The corporations that control the internet have all started a FULL BLOWN attack on my videos, blogs and posts, The slimy, pervert spy Mark Zuckerberg and his corporation Facebook have not counted a new like on my Facebook for weeks, despite the fact I know at least one person that has attempted to like my wolvoman80 page,  but Facebook do not wish you to like it, sorry. Recently the reach of my posts has fallen dramatically, from tens of thousands to not even hundreds, when I post on Facebook it tends not to appear on peoples homepages anymore, I know this because I use friends accounts and my own "secret accounts to check.

Google and Youtube are owned by the inbred looking, lobbying Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google and Youtube have hidden my videos, you will find them if you search them by their exact title but that's the only way. They will not show on suggested or related videos. The problem seems to have started since I made my new series "FUCK THE SYSTEM"

This graph shows the amount of clicks that my Youtube channel receives from suggested videos, the graph proves that from June 2013 Youtube have been removing my videos from the suggested video side bar and making my videos almost impossible to find.

Are Google, Facebook and Amazon all afraid of people watching my videos reading my blogs and viewing my posts? or are they merely puppets being blackmailed or financial rewarded for censoring posts that criticize certain corporations and governments? Why would they do this? Only one answer to that, and that is because they want to hide the corruption of our government, a government that allows these corporations to avoid paying tax, a government that pays these corporations for information on its users and a government that are losing control. If the system changes these greedy corporations tax bills may go up, or even worse these tax evading billionaires could end up in prison, where they belong. 


To be a corporate whore or not to be a corporate whore, that is the question for Ed Miliband and the Labour party. Although to most people this seems easy to say not to be a corporate whore Ed Miliband and the Labour party know that if they do not bow down to corporations and the corporate media they will be attacked by almost ALL media in Britain and this could cost them the election and allow the conservative party another 5 years in power. If the Labour party do bow down to the corporate media in order to gain the support from them Ed Miliband will become another puppet of the corporate media and we will end up with a Labour similar to Tony Blair's new Labour, they will be more conservative then Labour.

Ed Miliband claims he wants to bring back socialism to Great Britain, the corporate media, the banks and the corporations will not want to bring back socialism or anything like it to Britain because if they do the corporate media, the banks and the corporations are going to lose money and power. Another question is how can Great Britain be a socialist and have a hierarchy and hereditary monarchy? Surely a hierarchy and hereditary monarchies are anti socialist aren't they? So Ed Miliband will probably never bring socialism to Britain, unless he is willing to do what no high powered politician would ever do and question the role of the monarchy in Britain and upset the corporate media, the banks and the super rich.

Labour became embroiled in a row after the shadow immigration minister, Chris Bryant, told newspapers that he would criticize Tesco and Next for favouring foreign workers over Britons. But just hours before he was due to give a keynote speech, Bryant was forced to retreat from his case and later stated Tesco and Next firms actually "often go the extra mile" to employ British workers, but can find it difficult to get local staff. Is this one of the first times that Ed Miliband's Labour have opted for the corporate whore option? look like it to me.Why are they so scared to criticize Tesco and Next? And why not mention the fact that these companies pay lame wages, in dead end jobs and get cheap labour through work for benefit schemes like workfare? Why don't Labour man up and attack the fact these corporations that make billions every year use child labour and pay as little as 7 pence per hour?

Do Labour really think that people are going to vote them when they are clearly scared to upset tax evading corporations? Labour need to "grow a pair" and not be afraid to upset and criticize the corporations, corporate media and the bankers, the scumbag disabled attacking, racist royal and Tory propaganda filled Daily mail reported that Ed Miliband's dad hated Britain, they went with the headline. The man who hated Britain: Red Ed's pledge to bring back socialism is a homage to his Marxist father. So what did Miliband Snr really believe in? The answer should disturb everyone who loves this country.

Nothing more then the usual fear mongering, Tory propaganda that the racist, snobbish, hate filled Daily mail spew at us on a daily basis, Ed Miliband has to forget about impressing the corporate media. In fact the more the corporate media attack him the better, as long as the people in Great Britain are not so stupid they can not see that this is nothing more then CORPORATE PROPAGANDA.