Thursday, 28 November 2013


To say that England is expensive is a bit of a understatement, its like saying hell is warm, living in England is not expensive, its a fucking RIP OFF, Income tax, VAT, National insurance, high petrol prices, high food prices, even our water is expensive and sold to us by corporations. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of being ripped off?

My family were ripped off by millionaire corporations when we were in business, corporations like Persimmon home and Taylor Woodrow, my parents were then taken ill and then ripped off by the health insurance they purchased from Lloyds TSB, they thought they were protected, unfortunately for them they were not! as if that is not enough they were then ripped off again by the bank costing them nearly £80000. By know they are both ill and my mom was blind but that does not stop Mortgages PLC from giving them ridiculous advice and later charging them £64000 of which £54000 was interest in 18 months.

Then we have bank charges of up to £200 per week and phone bills, recently I was charged 50 pence per minute by my mobile phone company for phoning a "free number, 0800". When I first had broadband connected in 2007 it was costing me £10 per month now its £30 per month, granted the connection is faster but all that does is allow adverts on every page, in 2007 we did not need super fast broadband because internet pages had less adverts, therefore there was less information for the computer to load.

Recently I have been ripped off by Youtube, they first show that they owe me $12000 the week before they are due to pay they clear my estimated earnings to 34 cents, that's for 14 million Youtube views along with adverts before the video, at the bottom of the screen and on the side bar, due to false claims by companies like BBC, News corp and others.

Gas and energy are ridiculously high, there is one thing in Britain that does not go up as fast as our food and petrol prices do, and that is our wages. No wonder they call Britain rip off Britain, the most concerning thing is they do all this for ONE SIMPLE REASON.

That reason is to protect the super rich and the corporations they own! they allow corporations and the super rich to carry on making huge profit, avoid paying tax, receive cheaper or even free labor and effectively slave us! Its time to stop this sick government before they are literally charging us to breathe and cutting off peoples air supply for not keeping up with payments.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Yesterday I received a bill from Severn Trent Water, I was shocked to see my bill was £800, so I phoned them. Little did I know when I signed for my last property that the whole street waste and sewage run through our back garden, and I did not even notice until one day when I step outside and our garden it full of waste, waste from the street and from the pub that was 5 doors away from me. It was a mess, the garden stank all the time and I had three children at the time, Severn Trent did clean it up but It was not long before the smell began to come back, because of this we decided to move house and I refused to pay the bill for the water.

I hear nothing from Severn Trent until yesterday the 25th November, I receive a bill for a shocking £800, I ask for a break down of my bill, how is my bill £800? they want £400 for my old property despite flooding my garden with sewage from the whole street, they also wanted £400 for the last 7 months! How do Severn Trent water justify charging that, what about people that can not afford it? Are they not allowed to drink or wash?

I tell the I am not paying that for my disgusting tap water, the water is wrank and water supply is an essential and therefore should be free and covered in the ridiculously high taxes we pay. What next? They will be charging us to breathe.

Who are Severn Trent to charge such extortionate prices for water? Its another example of rip off conformist Britain. The government come on TV tell us Severn Trent now own Britain's water supply and no one even questions it, everyone's OK with that.

Britain's water supply was never owned by the government for the government to sell it in the first place, what kind of stupid government sell their water supply? The same kind of government that only care about one thing, money. I believe the time has come to stop paying Severn Trent, I believe that our taxes could easily cover the cost of maintaining Britain's water supply and sewage systems, after all our taxes cover David Cameron's and other politicians second homes and the ridiculous monarchy, surely free water to the masses is a bigger priority.

Monday, 25 November 2013


Conspiracy theorists are very often labeled as paranoid lunatics, radicals and dangerous trouble makers that are a threat to national security. There is not doubt that conspiracy theorists are sometimes paranoid, the explanation to why they are paranoid is simple, we are brainwashed by teachers, television, newspapers and the government in to thinking our countries are the hero's, fighting for freedom world wide, defending the world from oppressive governments, criminals and evil dictators.

What a shock we have when or if we discover that our government are not the heroic freedom fighters the media portrays us to be. Most people stay in the fake world of propaganda, propaganda on the news in our papers and even in our movies, these people are perfect, that's how they want the masses. Some people however do start to question things and look for answers, questions like, do we really need kill hundreds of thousands Iraqi's? Why do we always fight wars that are profitable? Why are certain individuals richer than certain nations? Are we really the brave heroic freedom fighters the media, entertainment industry and government hype us up to be?

When we start looking for answers and we see that we are not only not the heroic freedom fighters we are portrayed to be, but we are in fact represented by greedy, corrupt politicians that are controlled by lobbying, profit and the corporate media. Once you have seen that our government are capable of mass murder for profit and we are not the freedom fighters that we thought they were, its obviously going to make "conspiracy theorists" question everything, this can be interpreted by the ignorant as paranoia but realistically its more a lack of trust brought on by the greed, lies and corruption of our politicians and the poverty and oppression we witness every day.

That explains why some conspiracy theorists are paranoid, now what about the paranoia of our government and corporate media, paranoia like "Saddam Hussein has WMDs!" and "Al-Qaeda have homes built in the mountains of Afghanistan" and "terrorist use C.O.D to plan real attacks" who are the mental, paranoid, lunatics now?

The government and corporate media are so paranoid they believe that huge amounts of people on incapacity are pretending to be ill in order to rip the government off, they spy on us when we use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and search the web, they want to know about every penny we earn, where we work, what we watch, download and listen to, because no matter what we watch, download and listen to, they must know, they must be paid, either we buy the product or we watch them try to sell use an alternative product with there adverts that are taking over Youtube and the rest of internet. They employ spies like MI5, FBI and CIA and spy on there own people

They censor the web of information that shows them for what they are, this censorship is caused through the paranoia and the fear of the establishment, the establishment fear that they may lose their wealth, power, control and protection, is that the cause of the PARANOIA OF THE GOVERNMENT?

Saturday, 23 November 2013


The DWP or the department of work and pensions are the people that control the job center, they are there to "help the unemployed get back into work" They look after the unemployed, the sick, the disabled and sometimes the lazy unfortunately they do not do a good job, that's why the use of food bank and similar charities have sky rocketed in Britain, that's why the sick and disabled are being forced to take jobs that they should not be expected to take. A cyber attack from a DWP office taken my website down back in February 2013.

I am unemployed and therefore a customer of the DWP! And I have many criticisms of them, criticisms like why am I seeing blind people and wheel chair bound people in the job center? Do the DWP get satisfaction out of watching disabled people literally beg for their money? criticisms like they demand I get a job in order to get off benefits and stop burdening Britain's society with mine and my families need to eat and to have shelter, but they then cyber attack my website bringing it down. My website was only running for a few months and was already getting tens of thousands hits per day and was well on the way of being a potential money maker, therefore I could come off benefits, like they want me to.

Another criticism I have is why are the DWP so obsessed with the useless Direct Gov Universal Job match website? Every adviser in every meeting, every time I go in there they talking about Universal Job match like its the best thing since sliced bread, NEWS FLASH FOR THE DWP, Direct Gov's Universal Job match website is USELESS.

When I very first logged into Universal Job match and done a search I got literally thousands of jobs up, I thought I am guaranteed to find a decent job on here. I start looking for jobs, Universal Job match keeps records of the jobs that you have applied for, unless that job takes you to a different website from a business that "requires personal details" from you in order for you to apply for the job.

At first I did not mind giving these companies my details, after all I am applying for a job. I give a few companies my details, no replies, I give a few more, still no replies, so I give more details out to more businesses still get no replies. The most frustrating thing is the businesses I applied for jobs with months ago are still advertising on Universal Job match.

An adviser told me "Universal Job match is guaranteed to be 100% secure, they will not share your details and its a completely trustworthy site" to which I laughed. Universal Job match is a scam. The site was developed by Monster, at a cost of over £17 million and annual running charges of £6 Million, How does it cost that? The government want us on there to make themselves and the useless, expensive, rip off website look good, but anyone that has used for a period of time will know the website is a waste of money, they should be spending that money on looking after the sick and disabled and fighting poverty, not spending it on useless websites made by super rich corporation's.

Thursday, 21 November 2013


This is a re print as the original post was taken down, this blog was written in 2012.

Stan Long is a 75 year old man from Wolverhampton, he has recently been locked up for posting Youtube videos complaining about Wolverhampton city council, the biased full of bullshit and propaganda Express and Star claim Stan Long was ranting about Wolverhampton City council on the internet and that he had started a campaign of abuse at a local taxi  firm.  Representing himself Long admitted five offences of harassment or breach of a restraining order on conviction and another charge of committing an offence during the operational period of a suspended sentence. Long said: “You’re making me out to be the guilty party when I am the victim. They’re all crooks. I keep telling you it’s them who should be here not me.” So Britain is now the sort of country that arrests and prisons innocent pensioners that lived through World War 2 for merely speaking their opinion?

District Judge Mr Graham Wilkinson jailed Long for two months and ordered him to pay £85 in costs. He told Long: “I am aware that you are representing yourself and that no solicitor will dare represent you through fear they will become the next target. While you have been attending your meetings with probation you have used these sessions to continue your rants. Judge Mr Graham Wilkinson should be truly ashamed of himself!

Stan Long’s videos have got about 300 views on Youtube so far, Wolverhampton city council waste millions on a bus station that is still boarded up in parts, they drive around with CCTV on their cars spying on people, Wolverhampton has among the worst schools in England and they leave Wolverhampton looking like a absolute dump in places but we can not complain about it? SHAME ON WOLVERHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL,  they have just proven what sleazy scum bags they are,  THEY LOCK PENSIONERS UP FOR SPEAKING THEIR MINDS. AND SHAME ON THE CORRUPT EXPRESS AND STAR for the propaganda and BULLSHIT they print.

This is Stan Long's YOUTBE CHANNEL, though I believe the videos that got him in to trouble have gone!

Internet censorship will █████████ █ ██████ ███

There █████ █ ████ is ███ █ no █████ █ ████ conspiracy █ █████████ █ ████ everything ███ █████ is█████ ████ ████ fine ████ ███ ██████ trust ███ ██████ ███ your █████ ████ government.

 Facebook █████ ███ █ is █████████ █ ██████ ███ a brilliant ████ ███ ██████ ███ website █████ ████ and  ████ ███ ██████ facebook █████ ████ believes in █████ █ ████ ███ freedom of speech. ███ facebook!

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Fuck Facebook and Youtube. By Wolvoman80

I made this video because I have serious issues with the way Facebook and Youtube/Google do business. Youtube owe me for 14 million video views most of which they have placed their bullshit ads on, with no permission from me and none of the profit paid my way instead they pay BBC, Sony and News corporation for my video views due to false copyright claims, whats more Youtube are nearly impossible to contact over the internet, instead I have to write them a letter. 

Facebook do not only not count my likes anymore they have also stopped my posts from spreading and even remove my fans, I am also aware of other pages having the same problem. 


Sunday, 17 November 2013


Recently my estimated Youtube estimated earnings were showing nearly $13000, not much for 3 years work and over 14 million views, most of which have had ads on the side bars at the bottom of the picture and adverts ranging from 10 seconds to over one minute in front of the video, adverts Google will be paid for, $13000 is not great but it is a start, its something to show for the hours that I have sat at this computer researching and putting information together.

Two days later I log in to my Youtube account to access the money I have earned, its gone, my estimated earnings now show 0.64 cents! I attempt to contact Google, I find a Youtube contact email, and send my questions.

The next I day receive an email, message failed I send it again and try to find other ways of contacting Youtube or Google, after literally hours of looking through Youtube troubleshooting pages, answering questionnaires, searching the internet and even a desperate phone call to Google Adwords I get no where.

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to contact Google over the internet, I believe that it would be easier to contact the dead then what it is Google. Why is it so hard to contact Google or Youtube? The only way left for me to try is a letter to their head office, Google own Gmail, Youtube, control a massive proportion of the internet and are supposed to be leader in the technological world, yet the only way to contact them is a letter, what do they think it is the 1800s? Its just an easy way for Google and Youtube to completely ignore peoples complaints and problems.

Complaints like Youtube paying sick, greedy corporations for views and adverts used on my videos, Sony, BBC, News Corporation and Hearst Corporation have all profited and sometimes even taken down videos that I have made, I am aware that these companies are due some payment, for some clips I have used but surely not all of it, apparently I am allowed none of it, I have 4 kids and I am currently unemployed and on benefits, I am owed money from billionaire corporations, but that will not stop the Department of Work and pensions (who's offices attacked my website earlier on in the year, leading to my website having to be taken down)  from pressuring me from taken a shit job at a warehouse for no more money then my benefits.

One month later my earnings are now showing $3.22.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


What qualification's does some one need to become a judge? They must understand the law and the British legal and justice system, which I am pretty sure nobody in the world does understand, and that's it! Judging by some of the sentences given by British courts, judges do not need to be compassionate, understanding people. They feel no way in locking people up not thinking about their families, these highly paid judges must think they are something special. High Court judges take home a salary of about £172,000 with a generous pension too, how can these judges, judge people that in most cases have nothing, throw them in prison, rip apart families when these highly paid, comfortable living judges have no idea about life for people that live in these oppressed areas.

We claim alcohol addiction is an illness and we treat them, same with any addiction food, chocolate and even gambling yet when drug addicts are caught with drugs we lock them up, and not just for a few months but for years!

I have seen cases in what someone has been sentenced for a soft two years for a stabbing yet I have seen drug addicts sentenced for over 4 years for possession, where is the sense and fairness in that? These judges should also consider that in many cases these people are from poor backgrounds and they sometimes have children, locking them up does not help anybody, these people would not commit these crimes if they were on a quarter of a yearly judges wage, surely that fact alone makes judges unfit and unable to judge.

It seems to me our governments so called "war on drugs" is just another excuse to harass people, that most of the time do not deserve the harassment.

These judges lock people up and break up families yet they never address the real problem, our government claim that not enough dads are there for their children, well they can't be there for children if they are in prison.

Why do these judges never address issues like poverty, desperation and other issues, for example if the government stop a mans benefits they are surely pushing that man towards crime, its illegal to work for cash in hand with out declaring what you have earned, so no matter what he does he will be breaking the law, unless he is fortunate enough to find a real job that would just about break even with his benefits.

I am not anti prison, rapists, murders and anyone that goes out to hurt some one should be punished, but possession of drugs? David Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osborne have all used Cocaine.

Only God can judge us.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Fuck the system. Wolvoman80

Fuck the music industry, corporate greed, the education system, war on terror, David Cameron, Barrack Obama, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Theresa May's attacks on human rights, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, Tesco, Walmart, Nike, Sony, Apple, slavery, and oil wars, cannabis laws, banks, financial ombudsman service, Mortgages PLC Glasgow, the ILLUMINATI, NEW WORLD ORDER, hypocrisy, government lies, Nick Clegg, BBC, CNN PROPAGANDA, child labour, work for benefits, workfare, corporate tax evasion and avoidance. 2013 DOCUMENTARY BY WOLVOMAN80 Volume 2 coming in 2014 FUCK THE SYSTEM AND SHARE THIS VIDEO