Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Does this video prove that Youtube are fabricating viewing figures in a desperate attempt to hide the truth? Or does this video simply prove that Google are so shit that they are incapable of counting? Youtube have also refused to pay me the tens of thousands they owe me for my video views! Is that another desperate attempt by Google to cover up the truth?

The video below is the video that Google are refusing to count views on properly, Google also refusing a payout, despite owing me for 14 million views most of which have contained their irritating adverts without my permission instead of paying me they pay corporations that use false claims to CASH IN from other peoples work.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


OH NO the lower classes are calling the elite inbred, reptilian, scumbag parasites, these obscene extremists must not be allowed to voice their opinion on corporate slavery, corporate tax evasion, war for oil and the real terrorists of the world. How dare we be calling our masters war mongering, murdering liars that care more about profit than they do human rights.

How dare we accuse David Cameron of being a arms dealing, NHS destroying corporate puppet, How dare they sing ding dong the witch is dead upon hearing the news that an icon from the nasty party is dead. How dare they accuse the monarchy of being murderers and killing Princess Diana, how dare we accuse the monarchy of being a group of ridiculous, useless, inbred satanic gangsters. How dare we accuse Iain Duncan Smith of being a disabled hating, bald headed lunatic, he is as bad as a thief that deliberately targets the weak and the vulnerable in fact that is exactly what he is! How dare we accuse Boris Johnson of being barely capable of looking after his ridiculous hair let alone looking after a nation, if this man ever becomes prime minister Britain would surely be a third world country by the time he has finished. How dare we accuse George Osborne of being a silly little puppet with no power and no idea of what he doing, How dare I call George Osborne a rich simpleton, his education must of cost mummy and daddy a fortune. How dare I call the human rights hating, old hag resembling Theresa May the wicked witch of Westminster.

The government insist the internet must be censored at once to remove this controversial, but true information. What the stupid, rich, poncey and noncey Conservative party are too stupid to see is, by them censoring the web of this information they are proving people like me, David Icke, and Alex Jones and the many others right, they do not care for freedom of speech, human rights, child slavery, poverty and corporate misbehaviour they care only for profit.

It also proves that they are scared! I am sorry for being so scary to the elite, I am like a huge monster and they are like scared little kittens "oh no, here's WOLVOMAN80 Dave, stop him talking about our corruption, hide his videos to the very back of Youtube and get that skinny little freak Zuckerberg to hide his scary Facebook posts and prevent them from being read"

Is that all they got? The ever powerful ILLUMINATI are running scared from a little nobody like me? Do you know what this means? THE ILLUMINATI AIN'T SHIT, THEY ARE WEAK, SCARED PUSSY CATS, They have no power they just like to make it look to us that they do.


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Conservative party are to block "Extremist websites"

 When Paul Goggins, a Labour Party member of parliament, asked what Cameron plans to do regarding a warning from the Security Service about “Islamist extremism,” Cameron replied that one of the steps the U.K. is taking is blocking websites.  “We have had repeated meetings of the extremism task force – it met again yesterday – setting out a whole series of steps that we will take to counter the extremist narrative, including by blocking online site,” Cameron said before praising Facebook for removing videos of a beheading. “We will take all these steps and many more to keep our country safe.”
So David Cameron wants to block Extremist websites, websites that he claims are a threat to our national security. The trouble is David Cameron is the leader of an extremist government, a government that believe in corporate child slavery, poverty, work for benefits and murder for oil and profit. We have an extremist government that attacks the sick and disabled with sick benefit cuts, humiliating work programs telling people that they are protecting the country by censoring the web of the corruption of themselves and many multinational corporations.
If "extremist" websites are to be censored, which they already are the conservative governments website should be the first one censored, and Mark Zuckerberg is nothing more than a weak little geek that got lucky by stealing a friends idea, of coarse David Cameron is going to praise Mark Zuckerberg they are a couple of snake eyed weaklings they would not survive for five minutes in the ghettos they are creating. 

Monday, 9 December 2013


I am what newspapers like the Daily mail, the Daily express and the Sun call vile scum, I am unemployed and have been for over two years now and I have four kids, what a disgrace to the Great British society I are.

It was not always like that, once upon a time I had ambitions and goals, I was always in work and I helped run two building businesses, once upon a time I had more money then sense, then something happened to me.

I watched my ill hard working parents health deteriorate, I watched them lose everything they had worked for, I watched as millionaire corporations we did business with took advantage of the situation, they withheld payments and to this day they owe my parents a fortune. I watched them get ripped off with health insurance and by Lloyds TSB, I watched the mortgage company charge my parents £2500 per month in interest alone because they were "high risk." I watched the courts evict my parents making them homeless, without even taking the ridiculous interest rates in account.

That's not all, at the time this was going on the banks were taking £200 to £300 per week from my girlfriends account, the worst bank charge ever was when Nationwide building society charge us £20 for being 50 pence short of paying a £10 bill, by charging us they had put us overdrawn by £9.50 and the account was not allowed to be overdrawn so they charged her £30 for being overdrawn leaving us £39.50 overdrawn, I also had a small £6 debit set up, which we missed due to Nationwide clearing our account, another £20 charge, we are now £59.50 overdrawn, how do we pay bills next week?

I am unemployed but not lazy, I make videos, videos that get millions of views all over the world, 14 million on just my main Youtube channel plus the hundreds of uploads on Youtube and other sites uploaded by other people, most of these views have adverts on them without my permission, Youtube are latest the vultures in a long list of legal robberies.

Before telling me to get a job can I have what I am owed from the tax evading Youtube please? after all if Google do pay up I can come off benefits and therefore stop being a burden to the Great British society! Youtube would rather pay other corporations for it, so far I have not received a penny from my 14 million views. Can my parents have some of the massive sum of money that they have had robbed from them by corporations, banks and mortgage companies? Before telling me to find work and come off benefits, what about the £5000 Nationwide building illegally stole from my girlfriends account?

I have three meetings with the Jobcentre before Christmas, in these meetings I will have to explain why I am still on benefits, its like I am begging for money, I would love to tell them to FUCK OFF but I have kids to feed. I am still on benefits because the tax evading, privacy destroying Google are withholding payments to me, its a shame the mainstream corporate media and the easily led masses do not complain, moan and attack the corruption of our tax evading, rip off corporations the same way they attack, moan and complain about "benefit scroungers" if they did they corporations would not get away with this greed and corruption the way they do.

I may be a "benefit scrounger" but I pay more in to this fucked up system then most people do, so before telling me to get a job, GIVE ME WHAT I AM OWED.