Thursday, 23 October 2014


Our government claim watching videos or reading certain blogs on things like 911, Israel's war crimes, Britain's and America's war crimes, government corruption and lies and many other subjects is dangerous, but who is it dangerous for? It is dangerous for the elite, why? because they may lose their wealth, power and respect if too many people learn how they REALLY work. The government and mainstream media call us preachers of hate, but I refuse to accept that, I do not hate anyone even the people I criticize and talk about the most.

When writing blogs my (especially when angry about issues like censorship and propaganda) I sometimes call people names like "parasite, prick, idiot" or worse sometimes and this can be interpreted as hate, but I can honestly say it is not. Sometimes I joking, sometimes its true and sometimes I am angry. But I do not hate anybody, in someway I even see it from their point of view.

So when I call Mark Zuckerberg a greedy parasite it is not a hate thing, I say it because it is true. Same with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, I do not hate them but what I do hate is their lack of respect for freedom and civil liberties, what right do Google, Facebook or any business or government have choosing what we can and can not read online? More to the point why do they care what we read online "but our corporate advertisers can not see their products next to disgusting pictures" Facebook executives mutter, these same corporations that are ruining the planet are offended by images post by Facebook users? GOOD.

I don't like the idea of a monarchy, I think it is dated, expensive, very silly and maybe one day dangerous. We all tell our daughters and sons that they are princes and princesses the only difference our monarchy tell everyone in Britain, I would say 10 % of Britain's population take them seriously, 80% pretty much don't care, don't think about it, and 10 % (people like me, mental extremists) are outraged and shocked by the audacity these people have. The government claim extremist, ideologies spreading around the internet spread hate, but again I do not hate anybody and people like Prince William are in their own way as mind controlled as anyone, like I say, we all tell our daughters and sons that they are princes and princesses, but Prince William has millions of people celebrating his wedding, watching his life and believing that he is somehow more important than the rest of us obviously he is going to begin to believe it.

The media and schools tell us these people are hero's that are worthy of our worship, I respect them as Human beings but I do not believe they are worthy of worship and schools forcing celebrations like the diamond jubilee and the royal wedding on to unknowing, impressionable children is indeed a very obvious way of controlling the way a child thinks, the message is "these people are important," the truth is they are not. If claiming that real equality is completely contradicted by corporate exploitation/ tax evasion/ greed, censorship, monarchy, aristocracy and an hereditary hierarchy then I guess that makes this a hate blog.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Wolverhampton has been crowned the second best city for families in England and Wales! According to a new report, who done the report? I don't know but according to the propaganda printing, mind numbing, media of the West Midlands, the Express and Star, a report has placed Wolverhampton as second best city in England and Wales for families.

To most people in Britain and the world this report would not even raise eyebrow but I was shocked and amazed by that claim. Wolverhampton the second best city for families? I live in Wolverhampton with a family, Wolverhampton has high unemployment so at least you will get to spend time with the kids. Wolverhampton's schools are weak performing, Wolverhampton does have very, very highly rated schools like girls high school and the Royal school, but the majority of schools in the poorer areas are as usual not so highly rated, in fact some are ridiculously bad. 

When I look around most of Wolverhampton, I see high rise flats, poverty and run down buildings everywhere. And I am not the only person that thinks this as the Express and Star reported in 2009. 

From fifth worst city in the world to second best in England and Wales. But even the propaganda filled, boring Express and Star can not seriously  tell me Wolverhampton is the second best city for families in England and Wales, if it is the God help the worst. I click the link to read this ridiculous claim, I wanted to see who done this report. But Unfortunately the page has vanished from the Express and website, I search stories from just Wolverhampton and I can not find. It looks to me that the writers or an editor or someone with some sense at this so called newspaper read the story and said "second best city in England and Wales? The public will never believe it, we best get rid of that nonsense." 

I even searched the website looking for this story, I also Googled it and I could find NO other media local or national reporting it.


Monday, 20 October 2014


In June 2011 I set up a Facebook account for WOLVOMAN80, I set the account up due to the unexpected success of a video that I made with clips I had taken from old news reports and documentaries in order to prove to members of my friends and family that I am not mental and there is something not right with our government and media.

Most family members either thought or still think I am a conspiracy obsessed lunatic and that's O.K with me, that is what I thought when I first heard of the Illuminati, "these people are mad" and you would be PRETTY STUPID for not thinking that. But my advice is move away from the propaganda and one sided stories written by our racist, corporate controlled mainstream media and read what "the people" are saying "but you could be reading the opinion of lunatics, extremists or even terrorists" the government will say.

My answer to that is the mainstream are lunatics, extremists and arguable even terrorists! It was lies printed by the mainstream media that allowed the British and American government to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The lies printed by the British media about Hillsborough, the 2011 riots, 911 and many other issues, and the fact that our media ignore issues like government corruption, poverty around the world and in our own country, corporate tax evasion and corporate slavery has made SOME people realize that the mainstream media are actually keeping the masses in the dark in order to protect millionaires/billionaires.

Why would the media do that? The simple minded ask, the answer is obvious! The media is controlled by millionaires/billionaires and believe or not millionaires/billionaires are in a war to keep themselves and their families rich and for that we can not blame them. However millionaires/billionaires are now paying no tax in some cases when the rest of us and our families are paying as little 20% and as much as 45% tax in some cases, that is unfair and this is the reason that alternative media is SO IMPORTANT.

Unfortunately the silence and cooperation of the mainstream media is no longer enough, the elite are now censoring social media like Facebook and YouTube! Why do they feel the need to censor opinions of people that live in "free countries" we call ourselves "civilized, democratic nations" and we claim to care about freedom, yet the minute anybody disagrees with what they do or disbelieves what they say, they are labelled as an extremist and silenced by corporations that have way to much power online.

The reason the government and social media censor these arguments is simply because they do not know how to respond to them, so instead attempting to think of a clever argument back, they just hide the information and hope that it goes away.

Posting on Facebook nowadays is useless to me, I have evidently been categorized as a "dangerous non-conformist, extremist, mental case" and Facebook believe I am not suitable for mass consumption. Facebook went months without counting a single new like, then one day I get hundreds of new likes, but since that day they have not counted any new likes counted by Facebook.  


Sunday, 19 October 2014


Five years ago I lived in a private rented bungalow in Wolverhampton. This Bungalow had an electric meter, this meter would cut off whenever the money on it went to 0.00 but it would allow "emergency credit" of £5.00. You would think that would mean that you can not get in to then £5.00 debt with them, well that's what I thought anyway, I was WRONG.

NPOWER are insisting that I owe them £250 in unpaid electric at that address! Not only are they insisting I owe them £250 they have to the trouble of passing the debt on to a bailiff company, this bailiff company harass constantly with letters and threats. I explain to NPOWER that the place they are billing me for had a prepayment meter with money on in when I left but still the letters and threats of repossession come.

It seems to me like everything in Britain is a rip off as I am having a similar problem with Severn Trent Water but Severn Trent have been clever about it and contacted the Job center, Severn Trent now take the money directly from my benefits!  


Because of the fact Google are refusing me a payment to me, despite videos made by me receiving OVER 15 MILLION VIEWS and my channel gaining 20000 subscribers, I am Council housed, in a poor area and a house that is way too small for my four children. If Google paid me the $80000 USD they owed me I would be buying or at least private renting in an area far away from my current address.

Living in a council house or housing association house is not too bad, the house the easy to warm and comfortable and as long as I pay my rent and don't turn the place in to a drug den I am housed.

One complaint about council houses is why do they always come with PREPAYMENT METERS? Prepayment meters for Gas and Electric, prepayment meters are ridiculously expensive compared to standard bills, they result in the lower classes, the poor, the disabled and anyone that lives in a council house paying A LOT more money for the same product.

My house has a prepayment meter for both Gas and Electric, meaning that some "business" is making a absolute fortune from my families need to stay warm!

On average my family of six costs £5 per day in electric alone, if we use the tumble dryer or a boil wash the money drops quicker than Nick Clegg's popularity has dropped, you would I am trying to power a mansion and a family of 20 if you were to watch the meter.

These Prepayment meters are being used by energy businesses as another way to rip off the poor, why should poor people pay so much more for the same product? The answer is they shouldn't. Prepayment meters should either be scrapped completely or properly regulated and capped.

Advantages of prepayment meters include:

  • helping customers to manage their debt and energy usage;
  • preventing large, unexpected bills,

Disadvantages of prepayment meters include:

  • above average costs for your gas and electricity;
  • the best energy deals on the market aren't available to prepayment meter customers;
  • they can be inconvenient because you have to go out to 'top up' keys and smartcards;
  • if you can't reach a shop to top up your meter your energy can be switched off;
  • older meters need to have their prices updated manually after price rises or falls, which can take months. This means you could be left paying old rates and owing a lump sum or paying too much.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Britain's class system is the cause of most of Britain's injustices and inequality. We know that greed is not a good thing and we also know that the fact somebody has more money then somebody else does make him a better person, but we still follow this ridiculous class system, why?

For me the answer is simple, too many people in Great Britain love looking down on people. Newspapers like the hate filled Daily Mail, Daily Star and The Sun would have you believe that the lower classes are sub human and a burden to our tax payers, but in truth the elite are the burden. When David Cameron claims he is ready to hunt down ISIS what he actually means is, young, misguided members of the lower classes will risk their lives to hunt down ISIS, when David Cameron follows the events on his top of the range 84 inch, Full HD, 3D, Super slim, super smart TV, in his huge country mansion, sipping his fine wine.

This system exists at most work places within businesses, we all know and hate that man who is constantly kissing his "boss's" or his "superior's" ass, in desperate hope of a promotion or more money.

In British society the class system is even stronger, people automatic respect or disrespect people based on wealth or occupation, for example most people in Britain would automatically respect Judges, Doctors or Lawyers, these people are the highest in "normal" society. judges, doctors and lawyers are above nurses, teachers and builders, and nurses, teachers and builders are above the minimum wagers, the minimum wagers are above the unemployed benefit scroungers and the unemployed benefit scroungers are above the unemployed immigrants and the imprisoned "criminals."

Judges, Doctors and Lawyers may be among the highest class in "normal society" but they are not as high class as the aristocracy, in fact a third of Britain is still owned by these so called high class, privileged people. Then we have our lords and ladies, dukes and earls, princess's, prince's and kings and queens. My point is the Class system is ridiculous, dated, ignorant and unfair, but it does its job for the establishment. It gives small minded, mentally enslaved, idiots someone to look down on, it also keeps certain families rich for generations.

Monday, 13 October 2014


Ancient Gods and Demons in the modern world? By WOLVOMAN80. 

Ancient gods and demons in the modern world? WOLVOMAN80 looking at reports demonic possession murders?witchcraft, satanism, paganism in the modern world, on the news pagan events and Gods, legions and strange creatures like Mothman, Spring heeled Jack the strange flying humanoid creature from the 1800s in England and Scotland, The Owlman of Mawnan, Mermaids Mermen in ancient mythology ancient Sumerian Fish Gods, Pan from Greek mythology the goat of Mendes ancient Egypt, the pope, warning from the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran and other ancient writing from around the world.

There were giants on the earth in those days. By WOLVOMAN80  ANCIENT GIANT DOCUMENTARY. The whole of the ancient world talks of giants, from the man eating giants of ancient Britain to the Greek Gods, the Holy bible and the Ad of the Quran. Part one looks at giants on TV, giants in ancient Sumeria, Bran the blessed, Thor, Odin and Nimrod, Baal, Seth, and others, the Nephilim, the fallen angels, David and Goalith and Noahs of the old testament and the Watchers of the Bible. Giants from Bulgaria and stories of giants in old newspapers. Zues, the Titans and the Si te cah of America. Hercules, St Michaels Mount. Yowie ancient Australia, Ispolin graveyards. Chinese mythology, Pan Gu. Ogre, J├Âtunn, Daityas of Ancient India.

The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn 
The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn includes Reptilians, Demons and the Djinn in ancient mythology Full Documentary reptilian demon ghost 2011 Documentaries ars goetia mayan eygptian sumerian greek indian gods and demon list WOLVOMAN80 king solomon  gargoyle sinbad chinese dragon all seeing eye of horus ancient aliens and ufo ufos jesus saves sinners the holy bible adam and eve lilith snake people angels and demons 300 spatans jinn aztec gods evil demons sprits real witch witches illuminati alien mark beast conspiracy angels world armageddon secret ufo new demons mind control prophecy fallen goddess pagan ancient mythology genie aladdin wizards black magic magick slidehow and commentary sources include holy bible the quran sumerian writings and many more illuminati gods new world order demonic scene from movie scary music 2011 full documentary Demons and Gods from the ancient world Full DOCUMENTARY Vampires Pazuzu exorcism Hell 7 princes Jesus 7 lucky gods sumerian demons ghosts ancient aliens history channel bbc cnn discovery documentary 2011 demon ghost ufo alien scary movie loads more demon reptilian ancient gods and djinn documentary 

The Return of the Gods? By Wolvoman80. 
The return of the Gods? UFO Documentary by WOLVOMAN80 focusing on Modern UFO news reports Neil Armstrong NASA and the American and British Governments. Ancient UFOs and ALIENS ? in ancient mythology, cave art, religion, ancient Gods, Demons, Spirits, Goblins and ghosts. Demonic possession channelling clip from MEDDIGO 2 2013 Documentary, Greek, Eygptian, Roman, Pagan Gods. also looking at string theory reptilians illuminati gods lies nasa ufo cloud ancient mythology water on mars titan new life form found UFOs on BBC news fox CNN history channel UFO Disclosure documentary 2013 ancient aliens UFOs on CNN, BBC, fox news mars 2013 alien life reptilians nwo best ufo proof around the world.


Ancient history of Reptilians and Demons Full Documentary by WOLVOMAN80 

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Philip Danks secretly took a video of the movie Fast and furious 6 at the Showcase Cinema in Walsall on May 17 last year - the day it was released in the UK before being shown anywhere else in the world .

He uploaded it onto the internet via his personal website Bit Buddy the following day after converting the pirated camcorder version into a digital copy.

That copy - which carried his tell tale 'tag' Thecod3r - was then downloaded free of charge by around 779,000 people in the next four weeks, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told yesterday.

Philip Danks was jailed for 33 months for this offence as it cost Universal Pictures an estimated £2.3million which means he saved customers from spending their money on this SHIT! Me personally I would not watch that shit even for free but I believe that the sentencing is ridiculous.

War criminals, lobbyists, corrupt bankers and politicians, tax evading corporations seem to do what ever they want to rip us off but the second they get ripped off people end up in prison.

Friday, 3 October 2014


The world has many issues some of these issues are fixable some are not, Global Warming may not be fixable. I am not a scientist but I know that some scientists are convinced that maybe the Sun getting hotter could explain global warming! If that is the case then how STUPID does that make us? We are trying to cool our planet down by taxing people to death next to a giant furnace that is burning uncontrollable.

We ain't got time to think about corporate tax evasion, greed and exploitation or child labour, the decrease in wildlife in recent years or wars our government are fighting, we are to busy doing important work, like trying to cool our planet down.

 I am all for reserving rain forests and natural habitat for wild animals and for me recycling makes sense and not polluting the air we breath is also a good idea but the fight on Global Warming not only seems hard to win or even find out what the true cause of Global warming is, but it also seems like a good excuse to tax people more and a good distraction from problems that we do actually have the power to end, problems like corrupt governments that turn every problem, dilemma or situation they come across in to excuses to make even more money and get even more rich.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Did you know that watching non violent extremist videos on YouTube could in fact turn YOU in to an extremist or even worse a terrorist, as can reading blogs written by anonymous bloggers that preach "extremist views." That is according to an extremist who's political parties ideologies have led to wars and murder for a very long time now, David Cameron wants to remove this extremism from the internet, our schools and our universities, which is a bit extreme really.

David Cameron supports work for benefits and corporations that pay extremely low wages to extremely young and poor children. He also supports the extremely rich Monarchy, they live in extreme luxury and privilege when some people are out in the streets. He supports Israel despite the extremely cruel manner Israel fight wars, if you can even call it a war.

David Cameron recommends that next time you are on YouTube you should not watch "extremism made by lunatics and fanatics, no matter how interesting they are" just watch Lady Gaga shaking her skinny Crack whore looking ass at her teenage audience, or PewdiePie playing computer games.