Tuesday, 30 December 2014



Reading the public's reaction in the comments section of the Queen's speech is BRILLIANT, we all know Lizzie is a Lizard and the mainstream media can not cover up the fact that Lizzie the Lizard is about as popular with the average Brit as Ebola is.


To all the people that have waited for weeks ready for their new PS4 only to discover that the PlayStation is down, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Carry on waiting! And thank God that your life is comfortable enough for this issue to matter so much because some people have real problems.


After hearing months of hype about the movie Frozen and hearing how "adults love it as well as children" I finally watched some of it today and to be honest I thought it was a load of over rated, over hyped shit, surely the only adults watching this shit are mentally impaired adults. A talking snow man, lame songs and music, no real story or plot and just sometimes absolute meaningless randomness, grow the fuck up and realize the only thing good about Frozen is the marketing, you simple minded idiots.


If Santa tried losing some weight and staying sober maybe children all over the world would "know it is Christmas" instead of Santa dropping off thousands of pounds of shit to some kids and nothing to more needing kids houses. To me Santa seems like a racist, half soaked drunk, does Santa think that, all rich white children are good or something? Or is he not doing his job properly. In fact, fuck all this talking and no action I am going to capture him and kill him! Sorry folks.


Lets all use Facebook to tell ZUCKERBERG OUR OPINION OF HIM. Lets turn Facebook into Zuckerbergs MONSTER and allow his monster to eat him and rid the world of him and his corruption, greed and lack of respect for our rights and FREEDOM.


Can people please stop wearing these STUPID V for Vendetta masks, you can't be calling people sheep and criticizing corporate misbehavior while dressed in a costume made by a corporation, promoting a corporate made movie, dressed the same as everyone else!


I bet Pat Condell's racist, hatred videos do not get censored from YouTube, he calls Sweden antisemitic because they recognize Palestine, at the same time he constantly attacks Islam. Watching him on my screen makes me want to punch my monitor, right in his old, arrogant face.


Do we need another war? The government want us to be scared of Islam, terrorists, extremists, conspiracy theories and bloggers but the only thing that seems dangerous to me is OUR GOVERNMENT.


David Cameron claims world ideologies by non violent extremists can lead to violence!!!!! Yet British government ideologies lead to the deaths and enslavement of millions of people all over the world. And they ain't finished yet.


David Cameron claims he is going to "hunt down the monsters" responsible for the recent beheading. What he means is that he is going to spend OUR taxes and send OUR troops and watch what follows on the TV in his nice comfortable mansion.


People in Great Britain are always attacking Islam with stupid comments like "they are taking over the country!" To this I say "what are they taking over? Our government? Our media? Our entertainment industry? Our businesses? You must be getting Islam confused with Zionism.


I get offended by this censorship of my opinions, what part of my beliefs make the government believe I am an extremist that should be censored? Is it my anti war, anti greed, anti poverty views or my anti child labour posts or maybe my dangerous view that we should live and let live and there are two sides to every story?


Facebook or the government or somebody that thinks they are important has decided that this Facebook page is run by a lunatic and it is not safe for you to listen to the rants of this lunatic! That's why Facebook have taken the liberty of hiding the posts from this page. Now go back to reading how Muslims and benefit scroungers are taking all of our money.


I am sometimes accused of being lazy and a benefits scrounger due to me not having a job for 3 years!

My answer to these people is, if I am lazy, how do I get people watching my videos from all over the world? From the Antarctic to Africa, Japan and India. In my laziness I have still managed to have a bigger impact on the world then most hard working, law abiding, conformist citizens, so fuck you and your lame paid jobs!


Instead of throwing buckets of ice water over yourselves why don't we throw Hydrofluoric acid instead?

There are children in the world that do not even have access to clean water, what must they think of us when they see lame brained, do gooders doing shit like this? Especially when some of the people doing this lame brained, attention seeking publicity stunt have millions or even billions in the bank.


Freemantle (the makers of Xfactor and lots of other shit) have released ownership of my video meaning my YouTube channel is fully working again. 

WOLVOMAN80 would like to thank Freemantle for removing their disgusting, talent-less, greedy, slimy reptilian, lying, corporate hands off my videos and my YouTube channel. Thanks.


Friday, 26 December 2014


With so much corruption and greed in the world who will mankind turn to? #Russell Brand? Telling us he hates materialism while broadcasting from his mansion in the mega materialistic #Hollywood. #Alex Jones? Ranting away like a possessed nutter. #Mark Dice? A man that claims to hate pop music and the pop culture yet he never stops talking about pop musicians and pop culture, a man that ridicules anyone that does not believe the exact same thing as himself. #UKIP and #Nigel Farage? As Tory than Margret Thatcher, as racist as the BNP and as corrupt as the rest of them.

Many people put their faith in to these people and that is up to them, I do not put faith in to anyone of them, who said, everybody has their price and the more honest the man the higher the price? If that is not already a famous quote I am claiming it! The only man/person/thing that I put any faith in to is Jesus Christ, some people like to ridicule people believing or putting faith in to Jesus, to them people I say this; If you think Nigel Farage, Russell Brand, Alex Jones, Mark Dice have any answers or are even honest and straight enough to trust then lets be honest you might as well believe in Santa. If you believe that David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg or Nigel Farage care one bit about you, you might as well believe in the Easter Bunny.

My point is, if you believe that you are to intelligent to believe in Jesus Christ but you believe that Russell Brand, Alex Jones and others are fighting for you and your rights then please do not ridicule anybody else's beliefs, because to me your beliefs are as silly as anyone's beliefs.

The belief in Jesus Christ and/or God is not scientifically plausible believers in science point out, true to what our limited understanding in science seems to show but how scientifically plausible is it to believe in science when the science is so primitive? Believing in science is good, the trouble is we have quite a limited understanding on science and in science one small bit of information can completely change everything. Also science is now talking of String theory and M theory and these theories if true make some pretty crazy thing plausible.

Trust in God or trust no one at all.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Russell Brand claims to want a "peoples revolution" instead of making mostly shit Hollywood movies he now spends much of his time and efforts on his YouTube channel, exposing the lies, greed and corruption of the mainstream media, corporations and the worlds government's.

When I watch Russell Brand I agree with most of what he says (nearly all of it) and he is very good at making his point and explaining it simply and accurately, the only trouble for me is, I am not sure that he believes it, unfortunately I believe he is probably a fraud. Why would I say such of a thing about a man that claims to spend most of his time helping people by exposing the greed of our bankers and multinational corporations and the corruption of our media and government? I will start by saying, I have no real proof he is a fraud, just observations.

Observations like Russell Brand has worked for a lot of the corporations and businesses he now attacks, he was bought to us by the corporations. He claims to be against materialism yet he buys an Hollywood mansion, I have never been to Hollywood but I have heard it is quite materialistic. Another observation is YouTube, Google, Facebook and nearly every website I have used has either removed videos of mine, my reach on a post on Facebook has gone from tens of thousands to struggling to reach 100, yet Russell Brand reaches millions of people, my numbers and reach is not even close to what his is, so why do Facebook, YouTube and other websites allow somebody like Russell Brand to spread his message freely but smaller, not mainstream YouTube channel's that have nowhere near the reach as Russell Brand has get taken down and have videos removed all the time? Not only does he have a huge internet following he also shows up on BBC and in our newspapers regularly. Another observation is the 33 tattoo on his arm, 33 is a important Masonic number, I have never been bothered to research why he has the number 33 on his arm because I really don't give that much of a fuck why he has the number 33 on his arm, but if it does represent some Masonic meaning then Russell Brand is best ignored.

Another observation after listening to Russell Brand is he finishes many of his speeches with the suggestion that man kind all over the world should come together as one and discuss and attempt to sort out our problems, do you mean a New World Order coming together as one? And what would happen to the people that didn't want to "come together as one?"


Thursday, 18 December 2014


Are you sick of seeing foreigners roaming our British Streets? Are you sick of Muslims, Africans and Europeans coming over to our country taking our work and even our benefits? Do you think that the government should began turning people away? Do you think our government should the government stop immigrants claiming benefits to ensure that these foreigners do not think that Britain is "an easy way out or a soft touch." Do you think that immigrants coming over to Britain is causing a decline in the lifestyles of the average Brit? If this is in line with what you think then not only are you wrong you are probably a ignorant idiot.

Instead of reading the hate spreading, fear mongering, racist and biased mainstream media or listening to hate spreading, fear mongering, racist and biased politicians read a history book. Read about the fact that our cozy lives that we live in Britain are built on the exploitation of Africa or try reading about the fact that Britain's thirst for natural resources that exist within these countries and the middle east is the cause of much of the pain, suffering and poor living standards in Africa and the middle east. Read about the fact that Britain and USA were built on the slave trade and they continue to this day to exploit African people for their natural resources.

How can people in Britain claim that we British people should have the right to live here but not foreigners? As for immigrants that are out of work not being paid benefits I find it offensive that any government could even consider it, they are still human beings, they could have kids and still have to eat and drink, no benefits could turn them to crime or exploitation.

Like I said in an earlier post Nigel Farage claims as much on his expenses (not counting wages and other business incomes he may have) just his expenses cost two million pound in one year, that means that Nigel Farage cost the British taxpayer more on his expenses then fifty "benefit scrounging" families would get. Nigel Farage is just one man, the monarchy are handed out huge amounts of tax payers money, their security alone cost over 3 billion pound per year according to some reports.

How can the British people claim immigrants are having a negative affect on our lifestyles when hereditary hierarchies, bankers, corporations and aristocrats are running the country? I have got news for the average British simpleton that seems to struggle to spot the real enemy, gangsters don't work themselves to the ground seven days a week for less than minimum wage and live in council houses nor do they claim benefits or live in council houses. Gangsters live in castles, palaces, mansions and obscene luxury, they use fear tactics and drugs to control and manipulate people, they extort, threaten and thieve, sound familiar?



This looks like an attack on freedom of speech, I have not seen all the videos on this channel but the videos I had seen seemed about right (David Cameron's UN speech analyzes was BANG ON.) Apparently a video questioning the Sydney cafe siege, I have not seen the video but apparently the video claims that the siege was an hoax!

The video must have hit a nerve as it seems to have led to a complete termination of this man's YouTube channel. I share this because when they attack one person's freedom of speech and expression they attack us all.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014



People in the West are sometimes showed disturbing images of children starving to death, with these images we are sometimes told the life story of the child that we are watching starve, if these videos do not disturb and upset you, you are probably not human or you don't have a soul or something. After we watch these videos we are given a quick and easy way to quickly donate to help prevent any more children from going through this kind of suffering. Some people happily donate to these charities, as did I but when you look at the big picture these charities are not working and charity is patronizing to the African people. The people of Africa can look after themselves and cringe worthy charity songs like Band Aid 30 is embarrassing, patronizing and ridiculous. They have people that have hundreds of millions in their bank accounts sing "feed the world" to us?

If the West really wanted to help Africa we could maybe stop stealing their valuable natural resources, not that not stealing from somebody is actually helping them. If we see an old woman crossing the road and we do not grab her handbag and run, did we help them? How do the West exploit Africa?

Africa has a large quantity of natural resources including oil, diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, it also has woods and tropical fruits. Much of its natural resources are undiscovered or barely harnessed. If Africa have all these natural resources then why are the African people living in poverty? EXPLOITATION.

Nigeria is the continent's biggest oil producer, at least $400bn (£250bn) of oil revenue has been stolen or misspent since independence in 1960, according to estimates by former World Bank vice-president for Africa, Oby Ezekwesili. That is 12 times the country's national budget for 2011. Meanwhile, 90% of people in Nigeria live on less than $2 per day.

Corrupt African governments are not the only exploiter of African people, Britain, USA and some of Europe's economies and wealth are built on the exploitation of Africa!

Kofi Annan, the former UN secretary-general, written a 120-page Africa Progress Report, which he claims shows how the economic benefits of extracting natural resources such as oil and iron often fail to flow through to the local population. In the report he writes"Africa loses twice as much in illicit financial outflows as it receives in international aid," he goes on to write "It is unconscionable that some companies, often supported by dishonest officials, are using unethical tax avoidance, transfer pricing and anonymous company ownership to maximize their profits, while millions of Africans go without adequate nutrition, health and education."

Britain's debt is Africa is HUGE, we owe Africa they do not owe us, the Slave Trade, cotton, sugar, tobacco, diamonds, gold, coal, oil the list is massive, we misguided Britain's are told that Africa would not survive without our charity, this is not true, it is actually the other way round! People in Britain do not depend on Africa to live, we however depend on Africa to live the lifestyles we live. Britain's debt to Africa is Trillions of pounds in money but it is also worse than that.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


David Cameron and his sleazy Conservative government along with the mainstream media try to present political activists, conspiracy theorists or anyone that disagrees with them as dangerous, he even claims that they could inspire terrorists to attack and that would make the "conspiracy theorist" a terrorist! Is that true? I suppose a mentally unstable person watching a video that is criticizing the government could make him do something stupid. and regrettable. So what we going to do? Stop all criticism of our government to make sure we don't effect the thoughts of the psychopathic population?

What about a mentally unstable person playing Grand Theft Auto? or watching Breaking Bad, American Horror Story or near enough everything that is on T.V? Listening to gangster rap, Black Metal or the most disturbing out of them all Justin Bieber.

It is a little bit of a ridiculous argument "we are censoring the internet of materiel that exposes our greed, corruption and evilness in case it causes some angry, psychopathic lunatic to hurt people. Why can't they just tell the truth "the information is embarrassing and undermining our authority, it makes us appear to be weak, lame, pathetic, greedy and uncaring, because we are." 

They call it extreme but is it really extreme to say instead of taking money from the poor and middle classes and handing it to the rich, lets take money the the upper classes, the elite and the billionaire corporations and look after the poor, the weak and the sick? Is it extreme to ask why our government think it is O.K to murder for oil? Or is it extreme to think murder for oil and slavery for profit are O.K and necessary?

The reason that our government call our views extreme and dangerous is because to the government, the establishment and the corporations our views are dangerous! These "crazy theories and extremist political ideologies" could lead to the establishment losing money, land and respect. These theories and political ideologies are a serous threat to the rich and the greedy, the political elite and billionaire corporations, they are not a serous threat to people that have nothing because people that have nothing have nothing lose.

Today people that want peace are considered to be extremists, fanatics and dangerous where as people that want war are considered intelligent, logical and patriotic.

Monday, 15 December 2014


I love going to the Jobcentre and collecting my £200 per week, I love living in the fear that if the uncaring, judging people at the Jobcentre find half a good reason to stop my money me and my family could be homeless. I love reading the mainstream news calling us scroungers, low life's and scum, when the corporations that own the mainstream media do not even pay tax. I love listening to Nigel Farage and David Cameron as they blame "benefit scroungers and immigrants" for the state of this country when they both claim millions on their expenses. Do you know how many "benefit scrounger families" it would take to even get close to the amount of money these to hypocritical, privileged, rich boys claim in their expenses? Work it out.

I love the fact that when I am gone I will probably not be able to leave my children a house or a load of cash, brainwashed, idiotic, not capable of logical thinking people say shit like "they give you a house, they give you money, money I paid in taxes." They do not give you a house, they allow you to occupy a house, nobody gets given houses, except for the privileged, rich boys that are running the show.

The mainstream media talk as if we like not having the money to do anything, not being able to find a job that actually even comes close to being enough to look after four kids. I was working in the building trade as a self employed plasterer and earning between £100 per day to £150 per day in 2005/2006. Plasterers "I know" today are struggling to get £80 per day and sometimes travelling 100 miles per day to earn less money, why? not because of immigrants or laziness but because of corporate takeovers of building businesses in the UK.  

Corporate builders tend to work on a high profit margins where as "old" small when compared with today's building businesses used to work on smaller profit margins but more sales. Lack of government investment in to poor areas has also contributed to the decline in the building trade.

After being Jobless for 4 years and putting my time and efforts in to YouTube, blogging, books, DVDs and the internet, I am owed a decent amount of money from YouTube but unfortunately YouTube won't pay up and my life of being broke and judged "a scrounger" look set to continue, for now.

Never fear, the Jobcentre have come to the rescue and found me a job! According to the Jobcentre I now must spend 35 hours per week looking for a job! "looking for a job is now a job" is how they explained it. I also have to time how long I spend looking for work on the internet and how long "interviews and even phone conversations" take.


Sunday, 14 December 2014


I am now a part of the YouTube team, an online friend told me once your account gets over 15000 subs we are given a special method of contact to our team leaders, YouTube. They gives loads to read about how valued we are and they call you a partner!

I decide to contact my new team leaders and ask them about payment, after all social blade estimates they owe me up to £60000 and last year YouTube own stats showed they owed me $13000 before clearing and going back down to 0.00! I have already sent two written letters to YouTube's head office only to be ignored, twice, they must mean silent partner, I stay silent and I am a valued partner. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOCIAL BLADE STATS 

I am keeping record of all my conversations with these people at YouTube, so far they have explained nothing and ignored a request from me (acting on the advice of a solicitor) for records of how much money YouTube/GOOGLE have made from my videos.

So far my new partners seem to think that I should make the videos and they and their friends should make the money!

I don't want to be a part of you're shitty, censoring, lying, greedy "youtube family" and I don't give a flying fuck if you hate me, my videos or anything else, I just want the money that I am owed and my legal right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

So far my partners have answered shortly, unhelpfully and they are now just ignoring my emails. I am going to send my partners a link to this blog and inform them that everything that the email conversation between me and my new partners will be documented on my next blog.

The story so far......


I always remember when I was young being told how important voting is and how I am privileged and honoured we are to have the right to vote. People died fighting for our right to vote is drilled in to our heads by the school system and the media. It's true! people did die for our right to vote and for our "freedom" or at least they thought they did.

After spending months tracing my family tree I found numerous family members that died in both wars, I also found out my great grandfather was wounded in world war one, an injury that crippled his arm, so I do understand how hard they fought for us and how lucky we are that we have not had to fight a war like it and how we owe them our respect, gratitude and our freedom.

Since than things have changed and again our freedom is under attack, we have the right to vote but not the right to change things. Political parties in Britain and many parts of the world are moving to the right wing, UKIP and Conservatives are far right and Labour are not far behind them. Nick Clegg as succeeded in destroying the Lib Dems as Tony Blair did Labour. An election in Britain now consists of four parties that are almost identical, why?

Governments and political parties need money to operate, money and more money. Normal people (even well off people) can not afford to pay a MP to act for us or to speak for us, only big businesses have that kind of money, which means governments/political parties need big businesses to fund them so big businesses end up controlling all the political parties with money. The political parties that do not except donations from big businesses or rich individuals end up with nowhere near enough money to even have their opinions heard. Because of this normal people become unrepresented by main stream politicians and even if we did our research and take the time to find an obscure political party in Britain that we do feel represents us and vote for them, nobody else will, 80% will vote for one the big four simply because they seen them on television.

People are busy working or raising a family, they leave politics to the politicians, the politicians make them work harder, the media distract them and "inform" them of the "news" and present the political parties to them, them people will vote one of the big four.

As if donations from businesses/rich individuals and propaganda does not make a big enough farce out of the voting system, there is another huge problem.

When running up to the last election David Cameron did not tell people he was going to attempt to privatize the NHS, political parties make promises they know they can not keep to win votes and then face no consequence when pre election promises/targets are not meet.

These are some of the reasons I have never and probably will never vote.



Clips taken from Ancient Gods and Demons in the modern world? By WOLVOMAN80. and The Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


That is how I felt when I watched Russell Brand vs Nigel Farage on immigration. Nigel Farage in my opinion is a disgrace, how can a man that claimed 2 million pound in one year on his expenses have the nerve to suggest that immigrants are responsible for falling living standards in Britain? The "angry" man with the stick turned out to be the brother of a UKIP politician and did you hear Nigel Farage when the woman at the back began shouting at Nigel Farage? "do you see the kind of people you are fighting for" I believe he said or words to that effect, proving he is nothing more than a posh poncey snob as if we didn't already know.

What was and is disturbing to me is the amount of people in Britain that are jumping on the "blame the immigrants" bandwagon. They come to this country for opportunity and a better life for themselves and their families in most cases, some immigrants are not allowed to claim benefits under new laws by our government, they work for LESS than minimum wage in some cases and although in Britain they live in poverty and are treated as an underclass, that "we" are superior too.    

Immigrants seem to get a lot more blame then they deserve, when disgustingly rich, money controlled parasite's like Nigel Farage get no blame at all, despite claiming more on his expenses in one year then what fifty immigrant families on benefits would get per year!

Amazingly facts like that don't seem to bother some people as they obviously believe that puppets like Nigel Farage are worth more to these country and contributing more to this country then 50 immigrant families.

Nigel Farage should remember that he himself would not exist if it were not for immigration as one of his great Grand father's was in fact German he migrated to London in the 19th century!

The fact that controlled immigration in the 19th century could have prevented this country of a worrying cancer called Nigel in the present day should not be dwelled on too much because immigration has its positive effects too. Immigrants tend to be hard workers and sometimes they are exploited by the system and their bosses, immigrants are less lightly to sue a company for thousands of pounds because they "fell over" at work or they are being bullied.

Pointing the finger at probably the hardest working people in Britain that are paid the least in Britain simply because they are not English is delusional. Nigel Farage is a dangerous man and I can not believe a man that takes as much as he takes from the system could possibly have the nerve and audacity to blame immigrants for Briatin's poor living standards and proclaim himself so high and mighty above certain members of the audience as Nigel Farage did, slimy as they come.  


eu positions 2008 

                     UK Political Parties chart

UK Parties at different times
After taking a political test I am way to the left as the graph below shows. I believe that I would have probably been closer to the center if I would have taken the test before 2005. Since then a complete lack of respect bought on by the greed and violence of the establishment has moved me very much to the left.

I am nearly as much to the left as UKIP and Conservative are to the right, surely that means if I am a left wing extremist they are right winged extremists?

Where are you? Find out click here

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beware WHAT YOU POST.....

Beware WHAT YOU POST..... there is a twisted, perverted lunatic taking Facebook and Whats App images that normal people like you and me have posted, he sells these images to anybody that has the money and cares enough to pay for them. These images could have been posted on your wall or privately and even deleted shortly after, once posted he has access to them.  

This perverted person has access to every Facebook and Whats App account, even if you close your account. And he care's not one bit about you. He seems to hate Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression and Freedom in general.  

He works with corrupt, right winged governments (like the murdering Israeli government and the useless Conservative government in Britain) and billionaire, greedy corporations.   He loves money and has more money than some countries, he is a real sick bastard!