Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Once again I find myself writing about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, I do not like this subject, I find it boring and I hate wasting my time talking about it, but once again Facebook are irritating me! WOLVOMAN80 is now a business meaning I have to attempt to make a living from blogs and videos, I have had millions of views, I also have thousands of people that follow me on social media like Facebook, yet when I post on Facebook my post reaches about 30 people! Also Facebook have not counted a new like for months, I see new likes when I click the new likes box but the number of new likes counted by Facebook goes down. Why? It is either because Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg do not like people exercising their right to freedom of speech or Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have been paid to hide certain political pages by somebody that does not like people exercising their right to freedom of speech.

Like I say I find the subject of a little, geeky, weakling that steals ideas and then destroys them and never changes his clothes boring! I have no interest what so ever in Mark Zuckerberg but when his greed affects me and people like me, I do feel the need to tell people that Zuckerberg is a DICK! I wish that I did not have to use his website but unfortunately if I didn't, you probably would not be reading this now. I respect that Mark Zuckerberg, the British government and the super rich do not agree with my political views, I would not expect them to, but instead hiding peoples ideas and opinions why don't they try promoting their own ideas and opinions. Why does Mark Zuckerberg not begin a Facebook page for people that think the way he does, why don't Mark Zuckerberg begin a page showing his support for Israel and Zionism? He could share pictures among other Zionists of their victims and use Facebook to promote the wars that Zuckerberg obviously supports, if he does not support them why does he censor Facebook of criticism of them?

I can honestly say I would not write a single word about this dork if he did not affect what I do, but unfortunately the greed of Zuckerberg and his lack of respect for our rights seriously disturbs me, he reminds me of DR EVIL'S son in Austin Powers, he was a twisted little dork as well. My message to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is simple, if my reach falls below a certain level and I feel that Facebook is not following Freedom of speech laws correctly, I can simply use Facebook and my blogs to talk about the fact that Zuckerberg pays media to portray him positively and removes negative articles on his website or the fact that Zuckerberg looks like a ill, smelly breathed, inbreed. Or even the fact that Facebook is used as a world wide spy machine thanks to Zuckerberg. But like I say I would rather talk about more interesting and important subjects without censorship please.  

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